TGW Q+A: Addictive Love with Nussy

Dani Smarelli is Nussy. Still riding high off the success of her Melbourne single launch, the synth pop starlet is ready to unleash her sweet sounds on to Sydney, later this month.

The Garb Wire caught up with Nussy amid all the excitement to discuss music and style influences, her favourite fashion brands, and the people she dreams of working with some day… Marc Jacobs. Phoenix. We’re looking at you.


TGW: Tell us about your new single, My Heroin.

N: It’s about being involved in a toxic relationship. It’s like an addiction where something else within you takes over and you can’t make logical decisions – hence the reference to the drug, heroin – that even at the very lowest of low points, you convince yourself that the highs are worth it.”

TGW: Where does your name come from?

N: It’s actually my nickname! 

TGW: Who are your biggest music heroes?

N: Madonna, Robyn, John Mayer

TGW: Your music sounds like: 

N: Glittery electro-pop.

TGW: Who do you dream of working with some day?

N: Phoenix.

TGW: Do you see the connection between music and style? 

N: Absolutely.

“Just like my music is an extension of my personality, so too is my style. I see it as a visual representation of what’s going on inside this little mind!”

TGW: If Marc Jacobs got in touch and wanted to use your music for a runway show, what would be your first response?

N: 100% YES. A million times over.

TGW: What is your closet favourite song?

N: I don’t really have a closet favourite.. I’m extremely open about my embarrassing love for One Direction. I may have sat third row at their latest show in Melbourne and even as a 27 year old female, it was one of the greatest nights of my life.

TGW: What is the newest song that  you’re listening to at the moment?

N: ‘Forgiveness‘ by Made In Heights

TGW: What do you think of people who pay for followers on social media?

N: Each to their own, I guess. It’s a reality of the society we live in. But I’d still rather have followers that are actually engaged with what I’m doing.

TGW: Is Coachella the ultimate festival to play at? If not, what is yours?

N: Playing at Coachella would be a dream! As would playing at Glastonbury. I’d also love to play Splendour In The Grass – staying relevant locally is really just as important as world domination.

TGW: Which band or artist from your childhood inspired you to become a musician? 

N: Madonna and The Spice Girls.

TGW: Beck or Beyonce?

N: That’s a tough one.. Both have their time and place.

TGW: Have you ever been to Paris?

N: Yep. Didn’t care much for it.

TGW: What is your current style obsession?

N: Pieces that are FUN! Anything with fluff, glitter, PVC, glow in the dark… you get my drift… Labels I’m loving: Glitters for Dinner (I wore one of their pieces for my single launch in Melbourne), Dyspnea (out of Sydney) and my favourite online store is a home-grown one called Tibbs & Bones – they have the BEST pieces!

TGW: What are some song lyrics that have stuck with you?

“Our love was comfortable and so broken in” – Comfortable by John Mayer

TGW: Your new track, ‘My Heroin’ is about toxic relationships. Did you live the tale to write the song?

N: Multiple times. And I’ve watched so many of my friends do the same.

“I kept being sucked into these twisted situations, where I’d end up feeling hurt and unfulfilled, but something just kept pulling me back in.”

TGW: Some people believe that being happy can stifle creativity. What’s your experience?
N: Being creative is being creative. I write songs based on my own experiences and the experiences of those around me, so for me, it’s all about being able to draw on something from somewhere, not necessarily at that very moment in time.
TGW: What’s your warm up ritual just before you walk on stage?
N: Two glasses of champagne and a little jump around backstage.

TGW: What’s next for you?

N: I’m hoping to release my second EP later this year!

Watch the video for My Heroin here:

The video for My Heroin was directed by Jarred Osborn and Julian Lucas from Wildebeest (2014 Tropfest winner Granny Smith, Alt-J Matilda, Chiefs Stay)

Shop Shop:

Purchase My Heroin here

See Nussy Live:

My Heroin single launch at Gallery Bar, Oxford Arts Factory in Sydney on August 13.

Buy tickets here

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Twitter, Insta & Youtube: @nussymusic

Listen on soundcloud

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