Listen to LNZNDRF

Ben Lanz, Scott Devendorf and Bryan Devendorf formed LNZNDRF (pronounced Lanzendorf) in 2011 in Auckland, New Zealand, and they released their self-titled debut album in February this year.

The sound is described as rock minimalism meets sonic maximalism. It’s perfect for your Monday morning cool down/rev up. I think that’s why I’ve been holding on to post it at the start of a week, when it’s time to get inspired for life, instead of my dragging feet.

The album was recorded in a church in Cincinnati over two and a half days, with each song being edited from half-hour jams, in the spirit of the band’s expansive, largely improvised live shows. My favourite track is Beneath the Black Sea.

The LNZNDRF album to me sounds like a combination of M83, The Rakes, late 80s The Cure, indie road trip flick, dream sequence reflections, mountains #openroad / #hashtag…and if you can’t actually get away, it’s perfectly acceptable to sit at your desk and daydream of someplace amazing.

Watch the video for ‘Future You’ here:

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