Kit And Ace Opens Technical Atelier in Sydney

On Wednesday Canadian retailer Kit and Ace opened its first international tailor shop in the heart of Sydney. The 360 square metre retail space in the newly redeveloped building at 5 Martin Place will be home to Kit and Ace’s latest fall and winter styles, uniting classic tailoring with the functionality of technical details.

Boasting nearly 60 locations across North America, Australia, the United Kingdom and Japan, each retail space slightly differs, bringing a distinct experience and social element to every location. Kit and Ace’s Sydney flagship store features the first Technical Atelier outside of North America, doubling as a retail space and workshop for up-and-coming local designers.

Part tailor shop, part design-lab, the Technical Atelier is a hub of innovation where Designers in Residence capture fresh trends and local input to create new styles.



“The Technical Atelier is an incredible learning opportunity for up-and-coming designers – we encourage them to take existing product and create regionally inspired designs, elements of which often get integrated into our product line.”


Kit and Ace is proud to  introduce two Designers in Residence – Cassandra Morgan and Erica Villafuerte – recent graduates from the Whitehouse Institute of Design and FBI Fashion College (respectively). The designers will provide customization, monogramming and complimentary tailoring, and work on developing new designs based on current Kit and Ace styles and fabrications. “We engage local design schools to handpick designers that work in residence for a 10-month period,” explained Shannon Wilson, Co-founder and President at Kit and Ace.

In house Kit and Ace designers will provide customisation, monogramming and complimentary tailoring for customers.



About Kit and Ace

KIT AND ACE is a Vancouver-based retailer that designs and develops technical apparel, lifestyle products and accessories for men and women living full-contact lives. Founded by Shannon and JJ Wilson, Kit and Ace opened its first doors in July 2014. Today the company has an established online presence and nearly 60 locations across North America, Australia, the United Kingdom and Japan.

Shop Shop:

  • Visit Kit and Ace at 5 Martin Place, Sydney

Get Social:

  • Visit the Kit And Ace website
  • @kitandace

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