12 Inch Dance: Australian 80s Pop music

Released on February 10, 12 Inch Dance: Australian 80s Pop will be the first  compilation dedicated to extended mixes of classic Australian hits from the 1980s.

This retrospective “mix tape” features 37 rare mixes – the majority of which have never been reissued in any format, let alone digitised. In 1980s, the 12” single came into its own. The art of the remix obviously had a massive influence on pop music in general. It gave artists and producers the freedom to freshen or change the sound of a track, so that its impact could be felt for longer, or convert it to dance floor readiness.

The album includes classic hits from Icehouse, Real Life, Kids In The Kitchen, Split Enz, Pseudo Echo, I’m Talking, The Dugites, Kate Ceberano, Hunters & Collectors, Eurogliders, Boom Crash Opera, Models, Flowers, Wa Wa Nee, Stephen Cummings and more.

Compiled by writer David Nichols (former Australian ‘Smash Hits’ features editor in the 80s, co-author of ‘Pop Life: Inside Smash Hits Australia’ and author of new book ‘Dig: Australian Rock and Pop Music 1960-85’).

12 Inch Dance: Australian 80s Pop is out February 10 on Festival/Rhino through Warner Music Australia.


12 INCH DANCE: AUSTRALIAN 80s POP TRACKLISTING (avail as a digital download or 3 CD set)

Disc 1

  1. Real Life – Catch Me I’m Falling (Extended Version)
  2. The Venetians – So Much For Love (Rock Mix)
  3. Deckchairs Overboard – Shout (Extended)
  4. Kids In The Kitchen – Something That You Said (Club Mix)
  5. Big Pig – Justifier (12″ Lucky Break Mix)
  6. Flowers – Can’t Help Myself (Extended Version)
  7. Do Re Mi – Idiot Grin (Extended Mix)
  8. Yothu Yindi – Djapana (Gapirri Mix)
  9. Beargarden – The Finer Things (Extended Mix)
  10. Flash & The Pan – Waiting For A Train (Extended Remix)
  11. Zan – Good Love (Good Lovin’ Mix)
  12. Boxcar – Gas Stop (High Octane Mix)

Disc 2

  1. Dropbears – Shall We Go (Extended Version)
  2. I’m Talking – Someday (Extended Mix)
  3. Go 101 – Build it up (Extended Mix)
  4. Jo Jo Zep – Losing Game (Remixed Version)
  5. Icehouse – Hey, Little Girl (Extended Dance Mix)
  6. Schnell Fenster – Whisper (Extended Version)
  7. SPK ft. Graeme Revell and Karina Hayes – Breathless (Extended Dance Mix)
  8. Dragon – River (12” Alluvial Mudmix)
  9. Jump Incorporated – Sex and Fame (Julian Mendelsohn remix)
  10. No Justice – Lately (And Now For Something Completely Different) (featuring Nikki Bennett)
  11. Pseudo Echo – A Beat For You [Extended Version]
  12. pel mel – Pandemonium (Extended Mix)

Disc 3

  1. The Dugites – Cut The Talking (12” Extended Remix)
  2. Boom Crash Opera – City Flat (Extended Mix)
  3. Hunters & Collectors – Say Goodbye (Extended Mix)
  4. Eurogliders – Can’t  Wait To See You (Moshi Moshi Mix)
  5. Kate Ceberano – Bedroom Eyes (UK Extended Version – Mixed by Howard Gray)
  6. Mondo Rock – The Modern Bop (Jellybean Mix)
  7. Split Enz – I Walk Away (Extended Version)
  8. Stephen Cummings – Gymnasium (Mega Dance Mix)
  9. Wa Wa Nee – Can’t Control Myself (Mixus Maximus Remix)
  10. Jenny Morris – Body And Soul (Extended Version)
  11. Machinations – Pressure Sway (Extended Version)
  12. Models – I Hear Motion (Extended Mix)
  13. Kids In The Kitchen – Bruce’s Big Bonus Beats


  1. gwynogue

    Me again! A few websites are showing July 14 at the moment. I’ll believe it when I see it of course, but JB Hi-Fi are listing it again so who knows?


    1. Melissa Ogier

      Hi @gwynogue – we can confirm that 14 July is the latest release date issued by Warner Music. As well as the CD set, a limited edition 2LP vinyl release with different artwork will be available and includes 12 tracks selected from the original 37 by legendary Sydney DJ Graham Mandroules. Thanks for popping by. Perhaps the actual release warrants a listening party and dance off somewhere?


  2. Gordon

    Just looked at Warner Music Australia’s website – they’re currently saying May, but still only a pre-order at the moment. https://store.warnermusic.com.au/products/12-inch-dance-australian-8-s-pop-3cd

    I completely understand the ‘vinyl or nothing’ issue, Most people would accept that vinyl-ripping was the only option. I think the grumbling is mostly about the post-rip mastering and production. That’s really the responsibility of the material providers/suppliers, but I imagine it’s hard (for the compilers/project managers) not to take the criticism personally. Especially as it gets thrown at them, rather than the original producers/engineers.

    There’s an interesting track-by-track review on Discogs: https://www.discogs.com/release/9808040-12-Inch-Dance-Australian-80s-Pop/reviews#c714682 but the responses are just as interesting.

    I am looking forward to this release. The mixed comments and reviews have left me cautious, but I can’t decide for myself until I hear it.


  3. davidgrahamnichols

    Hi it’s so nice (yet a little frustrating) to see this exchange. As I understand it the release date has been delayed so that Warners can marshal their resources and give the collection some real promotional muscle. Which is similarly a little frustrating for me as compilers (because it’s been ready to go for a long time) but then it’s not really ‘my’ product. I’m very keen to see it out there, I’m extremely pleased with how it came out (btw one of those Amazon uk reviews complains about vinyl sourcing – well – it was vinyl or nothing, a lot of original masters have been lost over time, and personally I think the whole thing *sounds* excellent). Thanks Melissa for a succinct and smart post.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Gordon

    This looks/sounds like an awesome release…..I just hope it actually happens! Despite a release date of last week, Sanity (website) is currently saying “Not available to order” and the JB HiFi webpage for it COMPLETELY disappeared a few weeks ago!

    Liked by 1 person

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