TGW Q+A: Aussie Lili Kendall tells us how she makes her creative life work in LA

Two years ago, Australian born songwriter Lili Kendall plunged feet first into a move to Los Angeles, to invest in her career, hoping to grow into herself.

It’s been quite a time for Kendall – whose debut album is set for release late 2019 – she spent the first 12 months feeling lost and confused. By the second year she decided to stop relying on other people, making her own way into studios as a writer, instead of an artist.

Her latest single love, herself is a serenely blissful track; an ode to love and everything that comes along in the throes of new passion. While writing her debut album, Lili discovered that she is in love with the idea of love itself, and we wanted to find out how a dreamer cheers herself on to become an actual doer.

TGW: How long has it been since you were in Australia?

LK: I was home for Christmas and New Years. I go home every year for about a month over summer, can’t miss it.

TGW: What was your main reason for heading to Los Angeles?

LK: I just had a desire to be here, like intuition, I felt this is where i was supposed to be for the time being to grow where I needed to grow. 

TGW: Do you have a big network in LA?

LK: I’ve worked with a lot of different people since moving here, spent everyday working with someone new. Now I’ve found my little circle of people I trust and love, and that’s mainly who I create with. 

TGW: What do you miss most about home?

LK: My family and my animals.

TGW: What’s been your favourite thing about moving to the States?

LK: The music that has been created, and the space that has been created for me to grow. 

TGW: What’s been your most challenging time abroad?

LK: Whenever I get sick, it makes me really miss home.

TGW: Do you have any advice for other creative Aussies looking to move over?

LK: It can be a merciless city, no one cares until everyone does. So, be prepared to work your ass off and rely on no one but yourself to make it happen. (lmao wow do I sound bitter?) 

[Los Angeles] can be a merciless city, no one cares until everyone does…be prepared to work your ass off and rely on no one but yourself to make it happen.

TGW: Is LA home for now?

LK: For now, definitely not forever. 

TGW: What is the one thing you never had the courage to do in your 20s, that you will have no problem with doing in your 30s?

LK: I don’t know, I’m pretty ballsy and I don’t like to regret things, so I generally go out and get what I want… but maybe making some babies, I’ll probably be ready for that in my 30s. 

TGW: What’s next for you? What have you been working on?

Lili: “love, herself” the album and all the details involved in her completion.

The video for love, herself was meticulously put together by Lili and director Cole Needham. She said “We wanted to keep it clean and simple, like a cherry on top of the song.  I really just wanted to showcase that thing in all of us, what makes us all love and connect to one another.


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