The Garb Wire co founder Mel Ogier at the recent Cartier exhibition in Melbourne, before everything was cancelled

The Garb Wire on the line

During these first few months of 2020, some of the biggest creative opportunities of my career have been offered, only to be cancelled.

We also launched a new fashion brand and after some initial, frenzied sales, the funds have been diverted to essentials like toilet tissue and baked beans. Disaster? Well, yes for the world, but not for the label. We’ve done all the hard work to set it up and it’s done now, but for the moment it just doesn’t matter.

Though it’s frustrating, it has made me take stock, be grateful that I was offered the breaks in the first place, and set about taking care of my family. Many of us is experiencing hardship in one way or another right now, so I wish to be part of something that alleviates that isolation and hardship, if I can.

I wish to be part of something that alleviates that isolation and hardship, if I can.

I thought it could be really fun to share videos from followers in the creative spaces, those of us who might be part of the live music scene, the arts, design, touring…whatever – let us know where you are, what you’ve been working on, what’s no longer happening this year, and what you hope for in future, when all of this COVID-19 stuff is brought under control. See video for more.

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