STREAM: The Sydney Film Festival Selection on SBS On Demand

As a collective we’ve been doing live Insta sessions, checking in on each other throughout this strange time, discussing films and shows and fashion and living in style at home. And so it feels fitting that we should get together and pick our favourites from various programs.

In lieu of not having a physical event this year, Sydney Film Festival director Nashen Moodley has teamed with SBS On Demand to offer viewers a selection of 40 all-time past favourite films from the Festival for Australian audiences to stream freely between 10 June and 10 July.

Here are our best of the bunch;


01 An Education

An all round great film, heartbreaking performances, beautifully shot and directed. A standout performance from Carey Mulligan.

02 Frances Ha

D’uh!? Of course we love this one. It’s a modern classic.

03 Let The Right One In

Swedish vampire noir – far superior than the Hollywood remake.

04 Tangerine

Bursting with heart and colour, and all shot on three iPhone5S smartphones. Directed by Sean Baker. Tangerine follows a transgender sex worker when she discovers that her boyfriend/ pimp has been cheating on her.

05 The Square

I can never say no to a bonkers art house film!


01 Wadjda

This is special. The story of the pressures of growing up as a little girl in Saudi Arabia, yet also the first ever feature film to be shot there.

02 The Rocket

Boyhood, rockets and a Thai James Brown.

03 The Red Turtle

You had me at Studio Ghibli.

04 Leave No Trace

I like Ben Foster. Major ‘Winters Bone’ influence. Tearing up even at the trailer.

05 Girl

Billy Elliot this is definitely not. I need to see this.


01 Ali’s Wedding 

A heart warming, hopeful Australian Muslim story that needs to be shared. Read more here.

02 Boy – an indie classic story told in a style that only the kiwis have. A film that firmed up an everlasting admiration for the work and humour of Taika Waititi.

03 That’s Not Me – haven’t yet seen but it looks greashe. There’s always something so endearing about fumbling and awkwardness on screen. I can’t bear it yet I can’t look away. We’ve all felt like we’ve been in the shadows of someone else’s life at one time or another.

04 The Wolfpack A+++ This film is intriguing. I am always lured into stories of isolation and weird family set ups. It’s amazing how a father can isolate his children for so, so many years like this. They are resilient yet have such an innocence about them. A fascinating story.

05 Toni Erdmann A cringeworthy good look at the evolving relationship between father and daughter. Sometimes ludicrous, sometimes so awkward you just want to scream! Ultimately excellent. Read more here.

Over 4o films are available for Australian audiences to stream for the ‘Sydney Film Festival Selects’ collection at SBS On Demand from 10 June to 10 July, 2020.

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