must watch

Marc Jacobs Collection: Fall 2015

This is The Garb Wire’s impression of the recently streamed Marc Jacobs Collection Fall ’15 show It starts in complete darkness, with an intimidating onslaught of the singular violin sounds of the Requiem For A Dream soundtrack filling the space. Gradually the lights turn up slightly (to moody), and from the monochromatic set with its fabric walls depicting couches and chairs, […]


Must Watch: Ultrasuede: In Search of Halston

Described as an exploration of the clothes, glamour and decadence of iconic fashion designer Halston, this documentary is full of 2D separation of archival images, and interviews with those who knew Halston – it’s dizzying flashes of the hedonistic Studio 54 days set to a cracking soundtrack. The man, always surrounded by his lady “Halstonettes” (including Lauren Hutton, Liza Minnelli, Elsa […]