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24 February, 2021 | BROADSHEET

Inclusion in THINGS TO DO IN MELBOURNE. Mel and Rich from The Garb Wire created a giant artwork as part of the Trash Magic: Alchemy of the Found Object group exhibition, presented by City of Melbourne and Creative Spaces. Read more HERE.


Mother’s Day feature profile with Ema Hewitt, founder of indie Melbourne fashion brand, HEW.

‘I first met Mel at Brunswick Street Gallery during an exhibition for Fashion Week in 2015. She is the ultimate rock n’ roll, Fitzroy Mum. Despite having 3 boys, she manages to always keep up an appearance at all the HEW runway shows and exhibitions and is widely known in the Melbourne community as a huge supporter for the young independent designers.’ Click HERE to read more.

24 April, 2019 | Find Me Northside

Q+A with new lifestyle blog Find Me Northside, which covers life in the inner north of Melbourne, complete with tailored journeys readers can go on themselves. Click here to read.

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22 June, 2018 |

The Garb Wire co-founder Richard Hawker has his first article published on

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25 May, 2018 | Interview, the WANA Podcast, New York

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Topics Discussed:  Non-conforming childhood | Standing away from the pack | Wearing emotion | Communicating to get to your art | The catch 22 of being ever-present for others | Motivating yourself to persevere | Mendacity of perceived perfection | Ignoring to do list | Learning just how lucky you are

1 November, 2016 | Roads Spring 2017 Catalogue by Gunnar Lie & Associates

Quoted with The Guardian in the Roads Spring 2017 Catalogue for my story on Matt Lever’s book Behind The Runway.

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1 July, 2016 | The WANA Project, New York

The WANA Project email newsletter.

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15 April, 2016 | Roads Publishing

The Garb Wire Edit: The Face of Autumn Part I

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17 March, 2016 | Roads Publishing

Must Read: BEHIND THE RUNWAY by Matt Lever

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30 January, 2016 | Artsy New York

Featured website. Artsy Blogger Digest 30 January, 2016

Artsy New York x The Garb Wire

27 January, 2016 | St. Lucia

This Facebook shout out from New York based singer songwriter St. Lucia on Twitter and Facebook delivered our most popular story ever.

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22 January, 2016 | Lucy Folk

The Garb Wire edit: Australia Day

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10 December, 2015 | The Sticks

Album review. Quoted with Rolling Stone Magazine.

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