The San Francisco Chapter

Mama and bears SF“Please, my dear, never Frisco. San Francisco.”


I was lucky enough to live a year of my life in San Francisco.

It was an epic twelve months of adventures, torturous homesickness (Nick Cave, anyone?), Americans, good food, really, really bad food, longing, shopping, road trips, festivals, dancing in our kitchen, new friends – no friends, and digging deep to find that down-to-earth sense of humour and determination, whenever it was needed, to keep on trucking.

Going to live in San Francisco meant plucking ourselves from an excellent, well-established life in Melbourne, to displacement, discomfort, loneliness and baffling bureaucracy. Luckily we found an amazing landlord, which is rare in San Francisco. He shared his beautiful Lower Haight home with our family, and over the course of a year, we had a procession of no less than twenty-three visitors through our doors.

At the time, we decided to make the absolute most of every opportunity to explore California, and I’m proud that we did – the more time that passes since we were there, the more grateful I feel for having had the chance to be there at all – to be tested, to grow (spiritually and physically, whoops) and to discover the madness and excitement that is The City by the Bay.

We spent a lot of our time in the company of an Australian couple who still live in the Castro now. They continue to be one of my favourite reasons for being there, and we’ve decided to put heads together to bring you our version of San Francisco. I hope you enjoy this series of posts, and if you get the chance to visit, please do take one for The Garb Wire team.

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