The Garb Wire is a style conservatory… a parlour fantasy filled with observations of music and fashion victories on the streets of the world. It’s things we covet, travel, design & the arts.

It’s about having a sense of humour and being curious about the world. What really makes someone stylish? Money? No.

The philosophy is that what we listen to and watch, experience or dream of, should all contribute to our sense of style. It’s how we present ourselves to the world without the need to speak. Good fashion sense makes us feel strong, and ready for action on the catwalk of life.

The Garb Wire Weekly Wardrobe. Every week for 18 months, I issued a Friday work wear brief to willing participants and bemused (albeit timid) spectators. View the series on Instagram #tgwweeklywardrobe

About Melissa Ogier– Co-founder, writer & editor

Read the latest on my work here. With a career start at an independent record company, and later working as a stylist and visual merchandising specialist at Australia’s largest department store, The Garb Wire co-founder Melissa Ogier naturally rubs shoulders with the cutting edge of style. Equally impressed by haute couture and emerging designers, she measures success not by the cracking pace of others, but the slow burn of imagination, music, knowledge, and travel.


Professionally Rich leads customer experience and service transformations that create remarkable new experiences for people. He’s helped some of the world’s largest service companies grow by meaningfully improving the way they sell to and serve their customers. Designing and launching new things for people requires human-centred and innovation techniques for which Rich has become distinctly known. A creative practitioner, speaker, author and coach, Rich’s personal time is largely spent working on creative projects in fashion, visual arts and making stuff with his kids.

Shall we?

The Garb Wire past contributors:

Tania Ogier, Contributor & QLD Correspondent

Please send your press releases to: mel (at) thegarbwire dot com

Find our latest stories here.


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