Must Watch: IRIS

“You look very Vogue-y.”


Iris is a heartwarming portrayal of one of the world’s most fascinatingly decorated women.

Iris Apfel at 93 years, is a style maven with a masterful sense for mismatching colour and prints together, creating joyful ensembles that tell a story of a life filled with adventure, creative success and the purest love. More than superficial style, it’s Apfel’s quiet reflective thoughts on life, and the tales she tells that really brings perspective. Though the pursuit of finding and collecting treasures is addictive (as we all know) – in the end, we cannot take any of it with us. As Iris says with a sigh in the film as she clears out her storage unit in Coney Island, “everything has a season.”

Also inspiring to watch is the devotion between long-married Iris and Carl Apfel, who died recently at the age of 100. It made the viewing more bittersweet for knowing that he’s gone. Misty eyes all around!

Anyone who thinks the celebration of such a person, with all her clackity bangles is without depth, needs to watch this. Education and travel is far more important than greed for the sake of it. If there’s no story behind your trinkets, what’s the point?

Albert Maysles‘ (Grey Gardens, Gimme Shelter) film is pure entertainment. The way Apfel paints a picture with her fashion, sourced from lands near and far, is a real joy to watch. Though we could have done without the laughing buffoon lady in the cinema, who felt the need to reply to Iris every time she cracked a joke. We believe it best to sit quietly and listen to what the ‘Geriatric Starlet’ has to say. Quote, after quote, after quote…

Watch the trailer here:

Director: Albert Maysles Genre: Documentary Released: 2014

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