Must Watch: The Look Part 1 Runway, 1992

Just in time for this weekend’s bedtime viewing is the unearthing of what I consider to be:

“The BEST fashion documentary series of all time.”

A strong proclamation, I know, but I’ve been trying to find it online for years.

The Look is a six-part BBC Four series from the early 1990’s, made by Marion Hume with independent film makers Freelance Film Partners.

Part One goes behind the scenes at runway shows in Paris, Milan, London and New York, and examines who sat where on the political map of fashion at the time, and it also explores the evolution of the supermodels.

All six episodes are fascinating! Start watching now.

Yes, it’s really dated, but that’s the point. It’s a perfectly captured moment in time. Seeing how Karl Lagerfeld, Anna Wintour, Grace Coddington and André Leon Talley looked 25 years ago is great, plus cameos from Yves Saint Laurent, Gianni Versace and Michael Hutchence will have you breathless.

Lastly, it’s the supermodel era revisited. Mind you don’t drown in all that 90’s Chanel, dears.


Watch it here:


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