The Paper Kites Release Revelator Eyes Video

After a #8 album and #1 Australian album chart debut for their critically acclaimed new LP twelvefour, Australian indie folksters, The Paper Kites have delivered a honeyed video fittingly full of late night feels for new single, Revelator Eyes. The video is the second installation of a late night video trilogy from the band.

“The videos are all laced with a late night 80’s feel to them and we wanted them all set around these fictional underground late night clubs and bars, places that we dreamed up…


We’re calling them ‘laties’ videos,” explains lead singer and songwriter, Sam Bentley.

The video for Revelator Eyes was shot by Dan Huiting (Bon Iver) in Minneapolis at a fictional venue created specifically for the clip, The Jam Bar“I wrote it to be a vinyl bar where people would order their music from the bar and listen to records at little stations around the room,” says Bentley.  “I was a fan of Dan’s work and I sent the script to him and he was really keen to do it which was great because it’s often hard to find a director who’s willing to collaborate on someone else’s vision, but he totally understood the idea and along with his team, they just went above and beyond bringing this place to life – they literally built the whole bar.  It was just an empty room above a bar in Minneapolis – everything you see in there was brought in, even the ‘juke star’ arcade machine was custom built for the video off a crappy drawing I did. It was quite a thing to see it become a real place for a night.”

The video stars actress Emily Rudd and producer Harry Reynolds. “Harry funnily enough was initially just Dan’s producer for the video – we had a very hard time finding the right guy until Dan said ‘Harry, why don’t you do it?’… so Harry produced and starred in it!” explained Bentley.

In other exciting news, The Paper Kites have been selected for Spotify’s Found Them First campaign, after being identified by Spotify as a ‘Break Out’ artist with an impressive 20+ million streams accumulated.

The Melbourne quintet will kicks off their extensive national twelvefour album tour in Adelaide in October.

Watch the video for Revelator Eyes here:

Watch the Electric Indigo video here:

The Paper Kites is Sam Bentley, Christina Lacy, David Powys, Josh Bentley and Sam Rasmussen

Read The Garb Wire’s recent interview with Sam Bentley here.

The new album twelvefour is out now.

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Purchase twelve four here

The Paper Kites National twelvefour Tour



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