Sex & Death: a new Aussie web series explores relationships, virtue, self-discovery and self-expression

Sex & Death chronicles the romantic sagas of a neurodiverse amateur actress.

Melbourne’s KEWL Studios have shared online their debut mini series, Sex & Death,   which follows aspiring, but hopeless actress Charlie and her clumsy attempt at a romantic life. It’s set in inner city Melbourne.

Produced by Tobias Willis (Now Sound 2018) and starring actor, writer and director Kathleen Lee (Bush Trip 2016) as the protagonist, this six-part comedic web series explores relationships, virtue, self-discovery and self-expression, and is described as ‘a semi-autobiographical exploration into the neurodiverse life and brain of Kathleen Lee‘, who, since writing Sex & Death has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Lee has said that the show is also about her experiences leading up to the diagnoses, before she had the language to express it in those terms. All episodes are available to stream on YouTube now.

Watch the trailer:


Sex & Death is out now via

Sex and Death is a KEWL production. Principal production investment from Screen Australia.


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