Tune. New Sounds for the Weekend: Oct 23

This week’s new music is as varied as ever – we don’t just post anything, you know. I’ve been asked this week to get to know King Charles, which is exciting, so look out for the forthcoming Q+A with him. The next instalment from ZHU (weekly – get it?) is in, and Cloves from Melbourne drops in to chew your heart strings with a bit of melancholic love sickness. It’s excellent. Did you watch Gwen Stefani’s new video for Used to Love You this week? I did. I wasn’t sure if it was just an excuse to study her ageless face and dry tears, or what was happening. I’m sure whatever sadness was in the song was lost as soon as she just pointed the camera at herself for the entire video. These are the times. Sometimes your husband might be gay, and sometimes your vanity will kill the romance in any relationship. Just saying. Watch yourself. Or maybe just look up and watch others sometimes…starting now.

King Charles: Loose Change for the Boatman

UK artist King Charles has collaborated recently with Marcus Mumford (Mumford and Sons), Charlie Fink and Tom Hobden (Noah and the Whale), Loose Change picks up tempo half way through and definitely has a Mumford feel, but King Charles brings his own soul too, making it a musical joy.


Nicholas Allbrook: Noyfeck

This is the second single for Pond front-man Nicholas Allbrook, described by some as an indie-renegade. Sure to get you in the weekend mode of fashion. Nicholas Allbrook is perpetuating his unique brand of psychedelic musings with ‘Noyfeck’, the next single off his highly anticipated ‘Walrus EP’. Listen here


Miguel: waves

Feel like having a wild night out without the consequences? Step into Miguel’s hallucinogenic waves video.


ZHU x Skrillex X THEY: Workin For It

Tay Tay might have her Girl Army, but Zhu’s got everyone else – the cool kids. Continuing on from the last collab this latest instalment in the Genesis Series sees him team up with Skrillex and THEY.


St. Lucia: Dancing On Glass

Brooklyn-via-South Africa act St. Lucia share their first new music in over two years. Dancing on Glass is Friday in a song = razor-sharp synth riffs and a power chorus to match. Check. Now, where’s my glass?


Cloves: Don’t You Wait

Meet Cloves, a 19-year-old London-via-Melbourne local, whose soulful vocals will get you packing those bags, reaching for the red wine, or texting someone you perhaps shouldn’t. This is a beautiful song. End of story.


Listen to The Garb Wire // A playlist of the music we write about.

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