The Glam Wire: The Microdelivery Overnight Anti-aging Peel

Philosophy has launched their Microdelivery Overnight Peel, a two-step, anti-aging peel that can be used up to 3 times per week as a leave-on formula, meaning it will work hard to “make your skin party-ready while you sleep”.  Oh Philosophy, you had us at “while you sleep”.

Having already released a few products into the at-home-peel category, containing ingredients such as vitamin c and peptides for discolouration and triple acids for dullness and lines, this little worker promises to set itself on wrinkles, restore firmness and lessen the appearance of enlarged pores.  And on the plus side this particular formula, although having the slightly ouchy exfoliating sensation of a peel, also offers the restorative benefits of an overnight sleep-mask.  In other words, this peel has two steps, the second formulated to counteract any potentially irritating effects of the first.

Philosophy claim their latest treatment is gentle yet effective enough for both longtime peel loyalists and first-time users, saying that 100% of women tested found the Microdelivery Overnight Anti-aging peel to be gentle on their skin.

The first time one of our Glam Wire guinea pigs tried this product, she put it down and left it for two weeks.  The tickling sensation of AHAs and BHAs fighting it out for domination on her face made her skin crawl in a similar way to antihistamine medication.  However, after reading the leaflet and starting again, she applied the mask and cooling gel two nights in a row and was most pleased – reduced pores and all – to reveal a face that ‘woke up like this’, whether on the inside she felt well-rested or not. Beauty is just one big trade-off, am I right?

Speaking of which, head of Scientific Communication for Philosophy, Muriel Pujos says their Microdelivery product line is, by definition, “about both giving away and taking back”, meaning that in order to maximize the benefits of surface skin removal, underlying skin cells need specific care.  That is, especially right after a peel when skin is most receptive to treatment.  This concept has been at the core of Philosophy peels for over 18 years, and they pride themselves on using the highest quality ingredients, crystals, acids and enzymes in order to maintain or restore your visage to the quality of which you have become accustomed.  Pujos adds, “sometimes you gain more when you let go.”  Philosophical indeed.

But lets get to the nitty gritty:  The Microdelivery Overnight anti-aging peel calls itself cutting-edge, as its hardworking (and aforementioned ouchy) alpha/beta hydroxy acid solution is offset by the calming cucumber scented gel, containing the comforting properties of echinacea and oat kernel.  I hold my hands up here and say that my face has been a fan of the glycolic acid/lactic acid cocktail for some time now, so this combo is not a real first for beauty insiders who finally managed to bloom themselves from acne-ridden ugly ducklings into beautiful yet red-scarred-fine-lined swans.  But this peel is exciting in that once the first layer of skin is treated (and becomes sensitive, which it may for many of you) it offers a cool, hydrating drink to strengthen and soothe.

The two steps are wonderfully easy, all you need is freshly cleansed and toned skin:

Step One (Bad Cop):


Apply Step 1 as you would a toner, using a cotton pad that comes with the kit.  Soak the pad using the handy solution dropper and swipe all over the face, being careful around the delicate eye and nose area.  Go anywhere near your nostrils and it will feel like you’re on antihistamine.  Swan around the house for about 3 minutes.  If you’re new to this, it may start to feel a bit prickly without feeling unbearable.  Do not dismay, help will soon be at hand in the form of Step 2.

Step Two (Good Cop):


Step 2 is my favourite, because the gel smells so damn good.  Apply a small dollop of this serene green gel onto your face, lightly.  It doesn’t just smell divine, it also mattifies shine beautifully and neutralises redness – something I admit I hadn’t experienced before with anything else.  It was a bit of a whoa, moment. All that is left to do next is get to bed.

The Verdict:

The results are lovely, and I say this as someone whose skin is a pretty tough customer.  My skin was as smooth as glass the next morning, and after 2 more uses my face is continuing to behave itself.  For best results, Philosophy recommends using this 2-3 times per week.  I would say twice a week is a happy medium, so do as I do and use on Thursday and Sunday nights.  That way you will look bright as a button for the weekend lead-up (not to mention the weekend itself), then it can give you some extra help so that everything is where it should be again by Monday morning.

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