Lucy Folk: SHAPESHIFTER Collection

For her SHAPESHIFTER collection, Australian jewellery designer Lucy Folk contemplated what shape we are…not just your usual triangle and circular shapes (or squares, also ordinary), but she wanted to consider what shapes we are, and what shapes we become throughout life, posing the question of what happens if we start out as one shape and morph into another. Of course this deep questioning is interpreted brilliantly in Folk’s signature design styles, a mix of fine jewellery and cocktail crochet and pearl creations, blending pastel and glimmer shine with rocker sensibility.


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Shapeshifting is about transformation. It’s about starting somewhere and moving somewhere else.

For the SHAPESHIFTER photoshoot, Lucy Folk took two differently shaped humans wearing her designs, and set them against the contrasting, graphic backdrop of P. Johnson‘s showroom space. With her use of pearls and crochet, Lucy Folk challenges people to wear them differently, in an updated fashion.

SHAPESHIFTER is now available in stores and online.

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