The Sunshine State: QLD Contributor Tania Ogier shares her picks of 2016

The climate’s warmer in Brisbane. The days are often sunnier, and while the scenery is starkly different to Melbourne, like paradise, it can get overcast sometimes. TGW Queensland contributor Tania Ogier shares her favourite songs for 2016, and an unexpected penchant for latex catsuits.

Top 10 Singles

01 Mac Miller feat. Anderson Paak ‘Dang!’ 

Total summer anthem. Doing the laundry has never looked so hot.

02 Alexandra Savior ‘M.T.M.E.’ 

A stomping, sassy, Valley of the Dolls trip. It may be about someone making a mix tape. Can someone please make me a mix tape? Courtney Love once said about Alexandra Savior: “This girl is gonna be huge!” I hope she’s right.

03 Spring King ‘Detroit’ 

Among the new kids at Splendour this year, Spring King were the bounciest, post-punkest package of everything.

04 Glass Animals ‘Life Itself’ 

I’m in love with the lyrics, the video and if you don’t want to sway your hips after hearing the first few bars then I don’t know what’s wrong with you.

Image at top: Boat Studio/Micah Lidberg/She Was Only: The Glass Animals – Zaba

05 Olympia ‘Smoke Signals’ 

Sashaying down a sunny seaside promenade in capri pants and wearing cats-eye sunglasses, is what this is.

06 The Weeknd feat. Daft Punk ‘Starboy’ 

I’m almost officially sick of this track, if it weren’t for the fact that it is saucier than peering at an eighties sunset through a set of venetian blinds and sipping on a daiquiri.

07 Big Scary ‘The Opposite of Us’ 

This always makes me smile. Love should be easy like Sunday morning.

08 Cub Sport Come On Mess Me Up’ 

Brisbane bands just rule. I first heard this on a particularly sad and empty day this year and it still makes me a tad misty.

09 Broods ‘Free’ 

With all the hallmarks of an ABBA power ballad, any ditty about liberation is good with me.

10 K. Flay ‘Blood In The Cut’ 

It’s okay that occasionally a song comes along requiring a whip and maybe even a rubber catsuit. That’s not weird is it?

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