Momentos with Meaning: ACMI’s first branded merchandise range was designed by RMIT students

The premiere range of dedicated ACMI-branded merchandise has been devoloped by some of RMIT University’s top textile design students in partnership with the centre, and naturally, the style conscious collection was inspired by the “moving image”.

ACMI + RMIT collaborators 2
ACMI x RMIT Collaborators

Products in the range include journals, frisbees, water bottles, kites, tote bags, cosmetic purses and lens cloths, with repeat designs available across selected items.

The four students, and the titles of their collections, are: Jane MerryleesKool Kinesics; Jarnah MontersinoPlay Pause; Aliya MurrayElectrical Current; and Bridget O’RourkeNuance.

ACMI has partnered with the award winning Bachelor of Arts (Textile Design) program to support the next generation of Australian design talent, providing the students with valuable experience in the merchandising process from concept to shop floor.

Monique De Jong, ACMI Head of Design, paid tribute to the diversity and quality of the work students presented. She said, “RMIT textile students have a great reputation for excellent work and it was wonderful to be presented with such a strong, broad range of concepts and applications.” But in saying that, she also pointed out the importance of finding a balance between giving the students creative license to develop their ideas, while ensuring a commercial range of products resulted. No doubt, the experience will hold the budding designers in good stead for the reality of great design meeting the challenges of commerce.

ACMI is Australia’s only national museum of film, video games, digital culture and art. Each designer received an ACMI membership and a licence fee for their designs, with the  possibility of future collaborations with the museum.

The range is exclusive to ACMI and is available in-store and online now.

Seen at top: ACMI x RMIT Bridget + Aliya + Jane + Jarnah A5 Notebook

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