Must Watch: House of Z

Hurrah for the tale of an imperfect career in fashion. House of Z is brimming with courage, regret, complex challenges and ultimate triumph.

Zac Posen daringly started a family run fashion brand in 2001 and very quickly found himself and probably considered himself the darling of the New York style scene. Though as he succumbed to the pressures associated with being a non-stop, high profile fashion designer churning out collection upon collection, the adoring press turned, and Posen started to mistreat his family, his staff, and most importantly, he stopped looking after himself. As a result, his creative voice was buried under the flurry and an essential family connection was lost, for a while.

House of Z compassionately shows Zac Posen’s journey as he reinvents his brand by bringing it back to itself, and mends vital relationships with his sister and mother. I wept during the last scene when Posen’s father reads some very wise words that can be applied to all of our lives, and Zac’s, I suppose. This is fantastic viewing. Watch it on Netflix now.


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