A Modest Closet and All-White Clothing reveal Sara Berman’s Quest for Order, Beauty & Meaning

In New York: Sara Berman (1920–2004) was an immigrant who travelled from Belarus to Palestine and New York — her all-white clothing and accessories both contained her life and revealed it – her quest for order, beauty and meaning. Modest Closet and All-White Clothing is an art installation by Maira and Alex Kalman (Berman’s daughter and grandson) who have recreated the closet and its contents, with neatly arranged stacks of starched and precisely folded clothing. March 6–September 5, 2017 at The Met.

Image source: http://www.metmuseum.org/-/media/Images/Exhibitions/2017/Sara%20Berman%20Closet/SaraBermansClosetDetailPage1200x1280.jpg

Exhibition Dates: March 6–September 5, 2017 Exhibition Location: The Met Fifth Avenue, Floor 1, Deedee Wigmore Galleries, Gallery 743

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