In Melbourne: FLIGHT reaches heights of fear without even leaving the ground

The immersive, intensely unnerving experience that is FLIGHT has had its Melbourne season extended until 6 January, 2020.

What this means, of course is that you can take your visiting family to experience the sound, movement and sensory deprivation installation over the summer, even if only to frighten the Christmas pudding out of their bodies. Holiday weight, be gone!

Of course, an experience like Flight is entirely unsuitable for children or people who have a deeply ingrained fear of flying, or a lingering fear of the dark,  which caused my friend Tinks to promptly opt out and leave the ‘aircraft’ only 5 minutes into the ‘journey’.

Produced in Australia by Realscape Productions, the FLIGHT container has been fitted with the seats, windows and overhead cabins from the economy section of a real commercial plane.
FLIGHT is part of The DARKFIELD series – a collection of theatrical experiences which happen in complete darkness (and potent bouts of silence) inside a customised set in a 40ft shipping container. FLIGHT takes passengers to a parallel reality, playing on fear of the dark, an incredible use of moving, binaural (3D) sound, sensory deprivation and an array of other aviation details that I won’t share, because I want you to feel it for yourself. Let’s just say that at one point I was holding hands with a stranger and it did not feel at all unusual. She was my only hope, and I thought, possibly my last.
Sensory deprivation is where your mind is tricked into guessing what will happen next, because you cannot see, or hear anything else to confirm any facts. No facts, only pure dread. If you like watching horror films, you must board FLIGHT. It’s utterly thrilling.
‘In the unlikely event of a sudden loss of cabin pressure, alternative scenarios will be provided.’
FLIGHT has been extended to 6 January, 2020 and can be found at its new home at Queen Victoria Market.
Need to know:
● Until 6 January, 2019
● Queen Victoria Market, Melbourne
● Find tickets and gift vouchers here


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