Place a bid on our original artwork

We recently exhibited in City of Melbourne’s iconic Campbell Arcade as part of Trash Magic: alchemy of the found object show, and now our original artwork is up for auction.

The brief was to take every day discarded, found, or single-use rubbish (trash) and transform it through art to create a NEW single, abstract standalone display.

About the Art

‘It’s green…but is it natural?’ 2021
The collected objects are inorganic, but their cycle through creation, use, redundancy and abandonment is a natural inevitability of our material world. By stitching found items together, Ogier and Hawker have disrupted this cycle by threading temporary life back into the afterthoughts of materiality.
From discarded hair rollers to forgotten slideshow carousels, the artists make observations on fleetingly fast fashion an disposable intrumentation. The result is a supernatural assemblage of things we thought we no longer needed.
Full installation by negotiation with artists post auction.
About the Artists

Mel Ogier and Richard Hawker met in a kebab shop, fell in love, and now reside in a former Fitzroy pub. Mel works in fashion, music and creative concepts. Rich travels the world yelling at large organisations to be more imaginative. Their first joint creative project, The Garb Wire, never had an end date. It launched in 2008 as a style website that began as an acerbic observation of Australian fashion, and evolved into a rolling portfolio of work, also providing a platform for emerging artists and designers.

The current project is the launch of an island-inspired clothing and accessories range. When making stuff Mel and Rich use natural fibres, plastic, leather, Lego and aerosol.

Need to know:

Total height approx. 1210mm (h) x 2500mm (w)
The complete installation comprises 3 x easy-to-install mdf panels:

  • Panel 1 approx 1210mm (h) x 890mm (w)
  • Panel 2 approx 1210mm (h) x 900mm (w)
  • Panel 3 approx 1210mm (h) x 680mm (w)

(pieces were originally customised to fit unique display box in subway station)
Collect from Fitzroy, VIC or arrange delivery at winning bidder’s expense.

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