The Center Will Not Hold : Joan Didion’s life story holds some pretty big lessons

At the end of another busy kid-fuelled weekend, and with my husband suffering from major post London jet lag, I sat down to treat myself to the story of Joan Didion, American journalist and writer. I didn’t  realise that I was in for one heck of a story, filled with ordinary struggles, awe and heartbreak. You must watch it, and please tell me how you feel afterwards.

The documentary also made me think back to this cracking book that I received last Christmas with Joan Didion on the cover, called LEGENDARY AUTHORS and the Clothes They Wore.


It’s an essential style chronicle of some of history’s most prolific authors and poets. The way Joan Didion didn’t make a fuss was a good lesson for me… that sometimes being understated can show strength in quieter, more subtle, yet still mightily tough ways.

Between the documentary and this book, I have a lifetime of Joan Didion’s work to get through, and I can’t wait to read it all. You should grab this book for Christmas – it’s the perfect thing to fall asleep on the couch with all Summer (or insert season where you are and add a blanket if it makes you more comfortable).


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