Summer In Motion: The ACMI Kids Program

ACMI has released their summer holiday event schedule, chock full of incredible activities for all ages.


From Disneynature’s Monkey Kingdom narrated by Tina Fey, their festive film program and bonus kids meals at the ACMI Café and Bar (visit website for details). Get involved in a family dance off, learn to make GIF files or take part in a Minecraft challenge (or NERD ALERT: you may choose to watch your phone from the sidelines). The ACMI Summer Kids Program is perfect if you’re that adult who is actually still a kid.

Kids’ Flicks


Bill PG

William ‘Bill’ Shakespeare (Matthew Baynton) leaves his home and family in Stratford to find fame and fortune as a playwright in Elizabethan London.

Dates:               5 Dec – 3 Jan

Nativity 3: Dude Where’s My Donkey? PG

Christmas is just around the corner and with the departure of yet another teacher (David Tennant), a super teacher Mr Shepherd (Doc Martin’s Martin Clunes) and daughter Lauren are headed to St Bernadette’s Primary School to get the school ship shape and ready for an imminent school inspection.

Dates:               6 Dec – 18 Dec

The Muppet Christmas Carol G

Working for the skinflint is Bob Cratchit (Kermit the Frog), who begs the Scrooge for a holiday on Christmas Day. Scrooge reluctantly agrees and goes home on Christmas Eve angry at the festive merrymakers.

Dates:               19 Dec, 1pm 

Asterix: The Mansion of The Gods PG

Julius Caesar has his sights firmly set on the small pocket of land firmly occupied by the barbaric Gauls and has a cunning plan to finally rid himself of these indomitable trouble makers. However his weapons of choice won’t come from the usual arsenal, instead it will be in the form of Roman plumbing and bricks and mortar.

Dates:               4 Jan – 17 Jan

EXCLUSIVE to ACMI: Monkey Kingdom

The latest Disneynature movie travels deep into the jungle of Sri Lanka. Located at the epicentre of their kingdom, Castle Rock boasts magnificent views fit for a family of privileged macaque monkeys, a solitary mongoose as well as a sloth bear and her cubs. Narrated by Tina Fey (30 Rock)

Dates:               18 Jan – 31 Jan 

ACMI_Bill_Courtesy Nick Wall
ACMI_Bill_Courtesy Nick Wall


Creative Workshops

Get involved with the Creative Workshops including film making, the 3 day course Movie Mavericks, Claymation for Kids, Family Claymation.

Video Games: Interact with the massive Minecraft Movie, play Minecraft with the whole family, Family Scratch and loads more. 

Free Stuff

Screen Worlds: The Story of Film, Television & Digital Culture, Screen Worlds Animation Trail, Family Dance Party & GIF IT.

For more information visit the ACMI website.

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