Tune. New Sounds for 2016: 11 Jan

After a wondrous 3 week ‘pens down’ period, it’s exciting to return to some of the best stats we’ve ever had. We humans punctuate moments in our lives using a series of numbers, and though only one changes, we catapult ourselves with fresh resolve into a perceived new era, despite it being mere weeks since we bitterly tied up loose, stressful ends. Alas, the music never rests, and a fresh batch of new songs sat in wait, while I blissfully fanned myself in Byron Bay, gagging on the Aeroguard. Let them be the soundtrack to the best accomplishments of your life this year. Though the toil resumes, summer rolls on.

I learned that David Bowie died today.

Most people I know loved him. This afternoon was spent on a knife’s edge, as the Bowie classics were rolled out, regaining composure, only to lose it on hearing the likes of Modern Love and Let’s Dance (the video was filmed in Australia. Bawled). You see, it’s not just the physical person we lost today, but his spirit, and role playing – a perfectly put together legend; an accomplished artist, a master stylist. My tribute to David Bowie is here because the past weekend was spent getting lost in the new ★ album (pronounced Black Star), and reminiscing about some of the finer moments my husband spent with his mates in a share house in the 00s, which included an impromptu Bowie lip synch performance in a three-piece suit off a juliet balcony overlooking the communal courtyard. Sigh. The memories are classics. Farewell, Davy Jones from Brixton.

David Bowie: Lazarus

Lazarus is the 2nd single off Bowie’s 28th album, (black star). The lucid, nightmarish video was directed by Johan Renck, who also directed the 10-minute short film for the album’s title track. About his experierience of visually interpreting the song ‘Lazarus’ and working with Bowie, Renck said,

“One could only dream about collaborating with a mind like that; let alone twice. Intuitive, playful, mysterious and profound… I have no desire to do any more videos knowing the process never ever gets as formidable and fulfilling as this was. I’ve basically touched the sun.”



St. Lucia: Love Somebody

Love Somebody takes its place as the slow-burning centerpiece on St. Lucia’s forthcoming sophomore album MATTER, out on 29th January.

St. Lucia’s Patti Beranek says of the track:

“From the moment Jean first showed me the idea for this song, I’ve been in love with it. There is such an old-school soul slow-jam vibe about it. It’s sexy and naughty and is really about longing. Maybe it’s something secret that you can’t tell anyone about. A need to be with somebody, maybe anybody, and feel desired. It’s about how simple that need can be, and how simple it sometimes is to satisfy. Let’s just call it a booty call song that’s also about the romance of the booty call. It celebrates a certain feeling that I love in music, or in life in general: the space in between. The pull, the rub, where ying meets yang. A place where there is uncertainty but excitement. I love how it builds, I feel like you can get lost in it.”



Fascinator: Time To Go

Time To Go is Fascinator‘s latest single from his hotly anticipated Man album, out on Jan 29th. The New York-based, Australian bred Fascinator aka Johnny Mackay is notorious for his eccentric electronic experiments,  and this single does not disappoint.



The Chainsmokers: Roses feat. Rozes

Roses is the follow up to The Chainsmokers debut smash #SELFIE, which swept the world, and we actually can’t believe it’s the same outfit. As in, we love this track. Roses recently scooped up the 2nd #1 on Billboard’s Hot Dance Electronic Chart for The Chainsmokers, and this time we concur.


Savages: Adore

Savages‘new track Adore is inspired by the American poet Minnie Bruce Patt, and marries singer Jehnny Beth’s commanding vocals and evocative facial expressions with intimate closeups of the band, oscillating rhythms, and surging guitars. Adore Life, the full length album will be released on Friday 22nd Jan.

The video for Adore was directed by Anders Malmberg (Mew, Mø) with lighting and concept design by Tobias Rylander (The xx, Lykke Li, FKA Twigs).


Freddie Mercury and David Bowie: Under Pressure (A-capella)

During a 24 hour studio binge of booze and coke, Freddie Mercury and David Bowie wrote and recorded Under Pressure – this version plays stripped back vocals in a cappella, long before pitch correction was the norm, let alone required. I need a moment.


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