The Glam Wire: Cleaning your makeup brushes

Following Real Technique’s recent launch of the divinely diva-ish Bold Metals Collection makeup brushes (which we reviewed here) comes the introduction of the Makeup Brush Cleansing System.

Any good cosmetic hound knows that great application should start not only with a fresh face, but also with a clean brush.

This new two-part system comprises a Makeup Brush Cleanser and Brush Cleansing Palette, both of which are easy to use (even on-the-go) to keep brushes soft and feeling new.

Makeup Brush Cleanser

Forget standard soap or detergent, which can actually harm brush strands and cause fallout. This specially-designed cleanser, a laboratory proven gel formula, deep cleans with the power of a concentrate to effectively remove oil and makeup you can see (and the nastier impurities you can’t).  Containing no alcohol or phthalates, this cleanser has been dermatologically tested for gentleness so that you need only apply and rinse.

Brush Cleansing Palette 

Specially designed to be used in conjunction with the Makeup Brush Cleanser, this nifty little silicone palette is made from high performance grade material.  The best thing is it fits perfectly in the palm of one hand while you work your brush (and cleanser) into its ridges with the other. The multi-textured surface of the palette works cleverly to move between brush bristles and enhance the cleansing process.

Real Technique’s high-end Metals Collection was a hit with The Glam Wire team, so we’re all for anything that will nicely complement the range and keep those luxe brushes fresh.

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