(h)AZE: House of Asha Zomer Eyewear

Asher Zomer launched (h)AZE in the summer of 2011.

Zomer’s foray into sunglasses was driven by two main influences from her childhood  – optical science and fashion. When she realised that they had become her passions as well, she turned her hand at designing her own brand.

Zomer’s father was a highly skilled optrician. As a child she spent countless hours with him, learning all the intricacies of frame shapes, depths, nose pads, temple lengths and quality materials used for optical frames and sunglasses. Her mother was a pattern maker and fashion designer whose knowledge of colours and texture, fabrics, and sense of style influenced Zomer’s aesthetic, and her sense of stye now.


Zomer spent two years developing shapes and researching local and international manufacturers. She also sought out the raw materials to find the best colours, acetates and metals for her own label. Her first collection was small, with only eight vintage-inspired styles, tweaked for modern living.

The main inspiration for her shapes comes from old movie stars, “I love the interesting styles from the 50s and 60s – they seemed to be more adventurous back then with their eyewear. I also get inspiration from everyday objects. It suddenly hits me and I think, wow that would make a cool sunglass.

To develop her colour palettes, Zomer starts with the shape, then collates acetates that she thinks will work, and starts a mood board for that style. Over the years she’s developed a sense of what colours work together. She declares, “tortoiseshell and purple are always a winner!”

When asked about the worst pair of sunglasses she’s ever owned, Zomer laughs, “funny you ask, I came across some old photos last week from when I was 19. I was wearing these big, wraparound, square sunglasses that were black on the outside and yellow on the inside. They didn’t fit my face properly and looked hideous!” (tgw note: we all have a past)


The (h)AZE main line styles are named after some of Asha’s dearest friends, including Alicia, Abba, Bella, and Cara. Other names are based on their shape, such as Cassius (pictured at top, a Garb Wire fave).

Zomer lists Dita, Kuboraum, Isson and AM eyewear as her favourite sunglass brands, and admires Karen Walker’s interesting shapes and marketing campaigns.

The h(AZE) brand featured on the runway at VAMFF in 2014, and her most famous clients include Deborah Mailman, Michael Franti (of Spearhead), Clairy Browne and the Bangin’ Rackettes, Mojo Juju, and Australia’s Miss Universe, Tegan Martin.

(h)AZE Fusion Line


 HAZE recently launched their fusion range with its more dynamic and fun colour combinations and shape contours. They appeal to the faster fashion set, with a more accessible price tag than the classsic line. Every pair is handcrafted from European materials like Italian Mazzuchelli acetate, and hinges from Germany.

All Haze sunglasses come cased with a cleaning cloth. They pass all of the Australian UV standards and have a 12-month manufacturing warranty.

Shop the collection here


insta/tweet: @hazesunglasses

face: facebook.com/hazesunglasses

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