Listen: HOLY HOLY’s new single ‘Darwinism’

It was only three years ago that HOLY HOLY took to the stage at a tiny venue in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley. There were very few people in the audience, and Tim Carroll recalls asking the venue to change all the stage lights to pink, and taking along along their own smoke machine, which was operated by foot between songs. It’s a funny, slightly tragic memory for the band, but their more recent memories are more triumphant.


In July of 2015, HOLY HOLY released their debut album When The Storms Would Come, a brilliant record that debuted at #11 on the Australian ARIA chart, and led to multiple sold out tours across the country, and festival appearances at Splendour In The Grass and Falls Festival, and the headline at Brisbane’s BIGSOUND.

They also received the 2015 APRA ‘PDA’, an accolade that lead vocalist and co-founder Tim Carroll proudly accepted, given the hours, years of slog he had put in to his craft.

Their new single Darwinism is released on Friday. It’s from HOLY HOLY’s sophomore album, due out early next year, soon after they take the UK/EU tour circuit again in September/October (say ‘Hi’ to Noel, guys…no hiding now…you’re on his list).

During the songwriting process, ideas get sent from Launceston to Brisbane and Melbourne, then back again. Concepts are finally captured in cities where the band reunites for tours, rehearsals or shows. Their new creative process results in multi-layered melodies, evocative and shared storytelling. Oscar Dawson, guitarist, co-songwriter & co-founder of HOLY HOLY says,


‘We were writing new tunes as the album dropped last year…we found ourselves diving headlong into more writing and demoing, ahead of more recording. I generally prefer doing things that way. If things slow down I get restless.’


Darwinism got its start in a hotel bathroom. Carroll locked himself in while his band-mates slept following a night out. “I remember the boys were all asleep in the apartment and I was looking for a place to play so I locked myself in the bathroom and was making some recordings on my phone. I felt straight away it could work as a full band track”. Weeks later, Dawson and Carroll explored the idea further, fleshing out Carroll’s initial phone recording in a tiny studio set-up in London in between shows on a UK/EU tour.

Darwinism is released on Friday 5 August through Wonderlick Records.

HOLY HOLY will touring the UK, Europe & Australia from September – November 2016.
Their sophomore album will be released in early 2017.

Carroll & Dawson are joined in the studio and on the road with band mates Ryan Strathie, bassist Graham Ritchie, and their producer-turned-band-mate Matt Redlich (Ball Park MusicEmma Louise) on keys.


Read our pre-Christmas 2015 interview with Tim Carroll here (yes, the title is weak and obvious, I was on holidays in Brisbane!)


Listen to Darwinism here:

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