The Human Chameleon on Men’s Spring Style

Melbourne stylist and milliner Kristine Walker aka The Human Chameleon shares with The Garb Wire her fun and fresh style tips for men’s Spring style.

By putting fun looks together, Walker wants to show men that there are plenty of options when putting together an outfit. For this shoot, she wanted to focus mainly on Australian brands, saying “We have so many great local designers. I mean, there’s so much hype around international labels “look at my Prada loafers #prada #luxury #wannabefashionmister” which is fine,  because these brands are clearly loved, but there’s already so much of it. And, buying something from an international designer brand doesn’t necessarily make you stylish. It’s how you behave.”

“Men can dress up any day of the year, and they should. Just because you’re wearing a suit, you don’t need to look like you’re headed to a meeting in a black/blue suit and white shirt. Add a coloured tie to add your own personality into an outfit.”

Walker lives by the Shop Local mantra, often discovering amazing things just by wandering around and popping into shops. She tells me that nothing beats actually going into a store, talking to the designers / staff and learning about them, the product and the story behind their creations. “You’re buying an experience, and in some cases you might even be buying a one-of-a-kind creation.”

“You don’t need to wear it how you found it (on the mannequin). Think about the little ways that you can change the way something looks, either by mixing it up with colour & pattern, or adding some fun,  unexpected accessories.”


Photography | Tracey Ahkee
Model | Daniel Mioni at Scene Model Management
Styling | Kristine Walker aka The Human Chameleon
Hair + Makeup | Rachel Sloan

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