Introducing a luxury interior paint range inspired by the colours of the V&A Museum in London

The Victoria & Albert Museum in London was originally established to make works of art available to all, and to inspire British designers and manufacturers. Today it houses a vast collection spanning over 5,000 years of human creativity in virtually every medium from around the world, and continues to intrigue, inspire and inform. With the release of the museum’s luxury interior paint range, decorators can bring the palette of the Museum into their homes.

Created in consultation with Master Paintmakers, whose manufacturing heritage dates back to 1892, the range takes cues from the unique architecture and decorative interiors of the galleries.

Highlight shades from the 40 strong colour palette include: 

Reuben Red, a rich Victorian red echoing colours used in fabrics and carpets of the time and named after Reuben Townroe, who worked on architectural decorations for the South Kensington Museum, as the V&A was then known.

Owen’s Teal (seen below) is a rich sea-green, taken from designer Owen Jones’s original decorations for the Museum’s early Indian, Chinese, and Japanese Rooms, considered 2017’s on-trend colour for homes.

Webb Grey honours Aston Webb, the architect who designed the V&A’s main building.

Trajan’s Column, is a contemporary white colour that speaks to the monumental plaster cast displayed in the Museum’s Cast Courts. The 19th century cast replicates the original Roman triumphal column which dates to the 1st century AD.

The V&A Classic Paint Collection will use the finest pigments and be available in four finishes: Matt Emulsion, Eggshell, Gloss and Masonry and is suited to furniture, walls, ceilings and woodwork for interiors and exteriors.

The exclusive collection is already in use in select galleries at the Museum in South Kensington.

The full range will be revealed in Spring 2017, when the collection will launch in retailers and online, with further information available on Twitter @VandAPaint.


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