VAMFF Offsite Runway: Pre-5 with The Fashion Advocate

Melbourne style champion Claire Goldsworthy looks forward to presenting cutting edge Australian style this Saturday. The Fashion Advocate Runway at Luna Park will not only mark the arrival of fresh design propositions, but it also supports White Ribbon Australia.

As Editor of The Fashion Advocate and Founder of Australian made ecommerce store, The Dress Collective, Goldsworthy has spent her career in pursuit of a positive future for Australian fashion design, and, through her work with White Ribbon, she strongly supports a safe future for the women of this country, too.

An official event of the 2017 Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion FestivalThe Fashion Advocate Runway presents twelve independent labels from around the country. All were handpicked by Claire Goldsworthy, and all garments are 100% Australian made. Together they will provide a Saturday night snapshot of the colliding Australian fashion landscape as it is right now, or perhaps as it could if people took more decisive fashion risks, more often.  We took a Pre show-5 with Claire, despite her mad dash in the lead up to the show.

P'JUNK By Kate Hannah
P’JUNK by Kate Hannah

1. What was the designer selection criteria for your runway show this Saturday?
We selected twelve independent labels from around the country. I wanted to show the breadth of different talents to give an overall feel for the burgeoning Australian fashion industry. Each label possesses its own unique aesthetic yet all are bound together by their one similarity: every garment is 100 per cent Australian made.

2. The show is described as a celebration of Australian made fashion and unique style. Why do you feel an event like this is important to the VAMFF program?
Every event on the VAMFF program plays an integral role in showcasing the Australian fashion industry, but independent events like this connect consumers with labels and brands they otherwise would not have known.

‘Independent events like this connect consumers with labels and brands they otherwise would not have known.’


Vincent Li

3. You’re closely aligned with White Ribbon Australia – supporting them with this runway event. Can you tell us a little about your involvement with them so far?
I am in a position when I am able to use my voice and blog to advocate for change, and it’s not just fashion that I’m passionate about. There are numerous charities that I’ve worked with before and I make sure that at least once a year, I choose one to raise funds for. The facts and stats on domestic violence in Australia are simply not acceptable, and it’s time for change. I know people who have experienced it and when you’ve been that close to it, you feel compelled to do something about it. I do, anyway. [TGW ed: APPLAUSE]

4. How long has it taken you to assemble the designer line up and produce the show?
I’ve been working on The Fashion Advocate every day for the last 3 months, but the last 6 months collectively. These things take time! There’s a lot that goes into a runway, people often forget about what goes on behind the scenes.

5. What can we expect to see from you on Saturday night?
An incredible line-up of outstanding talent. Some of these garments have been hand-beaded over 75 hours, some are made from meticulous felting cut-outs, some are wearable, every day pieces; everything you’ll find on the runway is Australian made and wearable in one way or another.

‘Some of these garments have been hand-beaded over 75 hours, some are made from meticulous felting cut-outs, and some are wearable, every day pieces. Everything… is Australian made.’


The Fashion Advocate Runway takes place at 6.30pm on Saturday at Luna Park in St Kilda. Buy tickets here.

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Seen at top: Claire Goldsworthy

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