2019 | A year of trying less intensely and still getting ahead

The realisation that you can actually stop trying so hard is a life changing revelation.

This year we were inundated with new, exciting, innovative thrills and adventures in music, fashion, the arts, design and travel. And to be honest, it all got a bit much.

I watched with keen interest how the readership on The Garb Wire kept on reading, stories from as far back as 2015, when I was at full break speed intensity, trying to make my mark on the world wide web. The best and most satisfying thing about looking back at the most read stories in 2019 is that our articles have a very decent life span.

Interested people will keep coming, even if you don’t have an endless stream of click bait missives going into the ether. Our mission is to discover things and introduce them to you as we go, even two years before artists and bands explode with popularity. We love providing an independent platform for Australian movers and shakers, too, who make up the majority of our most read stories of 2019.

Thank you for finding us, for sharing our passions and allowing yourself to do it intelligently and in your own time, like us. Style isn’t rushed. It’s for all time.

We had 229K total impressions for the year from1 Jan – 11 Dec. Most of our readers are in Australia, United States, United Kingdom, China and France.

Top 10 Stories for 2019

3. Cindy Sherman at GOMA (2015, by contributor Tania Ogier)
10. The Sunshine Disco Faith Choir is here to save us all with a Fleetwood Mac cover

The Garb Wire is an evolving portfolio of work that often leads to professional engagements. I enjoy these immensely and change guises to suit any task.

I cover things and people I feel genuinely connected to, mainly in fashion, music and the arts from around the world. This pursuit keeps me inspired to make great contributions to my career and life.

The Garb Wire keeps me in touch with what’s happening, and in sharing what I discover, I hope to convince people to seek out style with substance.

My most recent projects include McMillan MGMT and Fuzzy, coordinating Listen Out festival, Australia’s largest music event. I also had the pleasure of delivering new creative concepts and styling the backstage artist areas. I’ve lectured and run stylist workshops with the Fashion Marketing students at COLLARTS, and worked on business development with boutique creative content agency Fancy Films. Please do get in touch. I live to work.

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