Fitzroy White Ribbon Night 2018


Our annual Facebook auction supports White Ribbon Australia in their campaign to end violence against women.

It’s our creative way of addressing a heartbreaking issue. Instead of asking ‘how on earth can we help?’ we entice family, friends & followers  to bid on fashion, homewares, artwork and dining experiences. Really, the generosity starts with the kindness of local shops, business owners and artists. Together we all make a meaningful contribution to an important cause that continues to plague our country.

Instead of asking ‘how on earth can we help?’ we entice family, friends & followers to bid on fashion, homewares, artwork and dining experiences donated by our kind neighbours .

Our supporters are listed below. Please check back for new additions in the coming weeks, and if you would like to contribute your product or service, please get in touch.

Our Supporters

Cinema Nova, Carlton • Faraday’s Cage, Fitzroy • The Grace Darling Hotel, Collingwood HEW Store, Fitzroy • Hooked Fish and Chipper • Kerry Lennon Artist • Lore Perfumery, Fitzroy • One Ill Mind, Artist • Our Golden Friend • Palzart, Artist • Poison City Records, Fitzroy • Remote Control Records, Melbourne with more to be announced.


It’s called Fitzroy White Ribbon Night because that’s where I live. I have three sons of my own who will be taught to love and respect the women in their lives, and I want to continue supporting the efforts of White Ribbon the best way I know how. 

This annual online auction supports the important work of White Ribbon, the largest global male-led movement to stop men’s violence against women. With the help of local businesses and my family & friends, we have raised almost $8,000 since 2015 to support White Ribbon’s vital prevention work in schools, workplaces and communities, helping to put an end to violence against women in Australia.

Please RSVP and share our event here.

Need to know:

  • The Fitzroy White Ribbon Night auction will take place on Facebook. You don’t need to physically attend an event, which is good, because it’s in the middle of Winter.
  • Bid during the auction by leaving a comment under the photo item you desire. Winning bidders pay directly to Everyday Hero, and Mel TGW arranges delivery or collection of items.
  • White Ribbon Night is on Friday 27 July, 2018.

Get Social & help support the event:



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