Run To Paradise: designing my custom Levi’s jacket

Having the opportunity to customise a denim jacket while someone else does the work for you, is a gift.

You start off with your preferred wash of denim. And then what? I had to consider how I wanted to feel while donning this indigo cloak of sass. What did I want to declare to the new world? I already know well that I love to bring people joy with style they can appreciate.

I decided it was only natural to base it on my ongoing creative project Run To Paradise – to base it on my heritage, my life, and where I wish to take it. First we removed the collar and seams at the bottom. A punk sensibility underlines everything I do. But, what else?

The Brief


I felt like it was important to clearly show and explain the elements to the tailor, since it was unlikely we would meet, and we did not need to.


Lastly, I wanted huge letters on the back, almost by my own hand (pictured below), yet with a professionally embroidered finish.


The Result

I love her. This one custom piece gives me hope that I have a firm vision for Run To Paradise, and just need time and expertise to bring it to life. I chose to debut the jacket at Benjamin Garg‘s recent runway show at MPavilion in Melbourne. It was the perfect article worn to wear with a floor length butter yellow gown on a sultry Melbourne Spring night.


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