Listen Out Brisbane 2019

It’s not hard to tell you how much I love what I do, because it’s always changing.

I recently got to work with one of my best friends on Listen Out Festival. Joining him on tour with my family in tow, with sisters in the same state was pure delight. Styling the backstage artist areas at Listen Out Melbourne is something I have done for the last two years. And, with my last Bub starting prep this year, I decided it was time to leave the family home and the role that my family has known me to play. Stylistic slave, debonair dishwasher, tuckshop Tina, luscious laundry lab (radoodle). Y’know.

The Brisbane event was held at RNA Showgrounds which has ancient roots in agriculture and good old Queensland grit and rough. It was a real challenge to transform the spaces, but we got there in the end, creating a vast resort feeling space for artists to relax and unwind in before their sets.

The Artist Entry

See the ‘before’ pic at top left. I tried to really ramp up the glamour and plastiqueness of the entry as a play on where we were. i.e. not Las Vegas.

The Artist Lounge

The Stockman’s Bar is a huge expanse that I would possibly compare to an outdoor drinking barn, but with some cleverly ordered and placed hire furniture, it felt like a an open terrace tropical resort.

The VIP Bar

This bar was like a diamond in the rough. Am I starring in The Castle? Can I bring the sizzle? Answer: yes. I started with two existing photographs and lingered in around the early 1980s with reference to the decor selections, which won the day, and treated the VIPs as the important peoples that they were (for one day).


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