Run To Paradise: how to wear our 1980s pop colour panel tee

Our specially curated selection of tees are intended to gently introduce the world to Run To Paradise the brand, but what does that actually mean for most people?

Our tops are gender free, meaning that if you like it, you should definitely wear it, no matter who you are! And besides, a gentle introduction was never really my thing.

I’ll be releasing a series of these posts so that we can all explore our sense of style together. Do you like yacht rock? Are you obsessed with being on holidays like I am? Let’s board the craft of life and take a look at how best to wear Run To Paradise pieces and incorporate them into the wardrobe you already own.

This style is already so much with its press button stud detail, rolled up sleeves and colour contrast. I’ve screenprinted my hand drawn tattau pattern across the back, for added fun. I would probably stick with really light denim or white linen and shell details.

How to wear 1980s panel

A giant visor announces to the world that you are a. on holidays and b. in charge.

I’ve teamed the tee with denim cut offs in that high summer, pale wash, and white plimsole shoes. Tie dye is also one of those telltale holiday patterns, so you could dial up the style flair to this ensemble by twisting a tie dye scarf and knotting it as a hanging belt on your shorts. With sunglasses, I always find they either define a look all on their own, or they add a layer to a very solidly built look. All goes back perfectly with our Oversized Clutch in black and white, of course.

Learn more about our Run To Paradise brand here . Get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!

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