Telling a visual story with Annie Walter’s Big Vegan Market artwork

After a disastrous 2020 dress rehearsal with my clients and friends at Big Vegan Market who like everyone had to cancel their event, and again in 2021, I leapt at the chance to work with them in 2022. What else was left to burn?

A lot changed over those few years, including the artwork for this mammoth gathering of the Vegan childs. Local artist Annie Walter, (mainly known for a whole lot of rock band posters) produced this epic masterpiece which depicts giant food and lifestyle products exploding out from the roof of the heritage listed Melbourne icon Royal Exhibition Building, blowing the top off (this mutha).

So, a revisit to my creative execution of a Fitzroy shop window and event decor was necessary. What resulted was a collaboration between client, artist and creative specialist to deliver effective visuals to attract visitors back to the market (Royal Exhibition Building is literally around the corner from Vegan Grocery store on Johnston St, so it was a no brainer).

The Vegan Grocery, Johnston Street, Fitzroy

Big Vegan Market event decor

By the time we got to the event, it was more about an extension of the artwork, and creating playful photo opportunities and backdrops to the many thousands of fanatical vegans and their purchases at the event.

The best thing about delivering the market decor was the conscious decision we had already made to redeploy the window decor and turn it into an epic photo set.

Elements from the Big Vegan Market window display were repurposed to create an epic photo opportunity at the event.

Some more artistic expressions of the artwork included these custom made 3-panel divider screens (with the guidance and help of my Dad and hus) decorated with giant BVM decorations designed by Annie, plus giant gold fringeing, which I like to incorporate in to lots of my work.

These custom coloured plinths and flower selections also played with the colour palette to offer something visually appealing to the eye, but always original.

Each year, Big Vegan Market attracts 15,000 people who explore a giant hall full of options, vegan heaven, and it is by far the best, most compelling event to convince even the most coy of vegan curious people to eat less or any meat, anymore.

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