TGW Q+A: The Art of Jodee Knowles

me lowres

Jodee Knowles is a Sydney-based artist, whose work is heavily based on the emotional state of mind that makes or breaks a happy existence.

We’ve been virtual pen pals since a chance meeting at a music festival in 2012. Her work inspires, as does her demeanor – an openness to life, and a certain vulnerability that is never lost, despite some tough trials.

She agreed to some Q+A time with TGW:

TGW: Do you remember the time in your life when you decided that you were going to be an artist? Tell me about it.

JK: After one of my first exhibitions in LA (it was just something I was doing as a hobby), I realised it is all I desired to do, so I just kept going. Now I can’t stop.

TGW: What else do you do to earn a living?
JK: Work on lots of other projects with friends, large (wall) murals, general art hustle.

TGW: When are you at your most creative?
JK: When I have a project on.

TGW: Some people believe that being happy can stifle creativity. What’s your experience?
JK: It depends. I work when I have ideas, when I am emotional, happy or sad.

TGW: Have you ever made a mistake with your work while people were watching? What did you do?
JK: My works are based on mistakes, so I’m ok with making them. Mistakes can be fixed.


TGW: Who/what inspires you to create?
JK: Human beings – how horrible they can be, how sad they can be. I don’t understand any of it, so I try to with my art.

TGW: Name your biggest style icons?

TGW: Do you have any regrets?
JK: Yes

TGW: What is your best childhood memory?
JK: I once saved my sister’s life.

TGW: When is the moment you feel at home? And where?
JK: I’ve been trying to search for that for a while now, when I find it I’ll let you know…

the infliction

TGW: When was the last time you felt free?
JK: When I was in love.

TGW: What is your proudest achievement?
JK: My art, teaching it to people, developing it, pushing the boundaries. It’s my baby and I’d kill for it.

TGW: Who are your most famous fans?
JK: Pink, Bryan Adams, Roger O’Donnell of The Cure, Antony and the Johnsons, Lee and Simon Preston and Anthony Lister, just to name a few.

TGW: What song lyrics have stuck with you?
JK: It’s a heart that you made
It’s a heart and the both of you made it,
I wont rest until I break it. -Xiu Xiu I Luv The Valley Oh!

TGW: Elvis or The Beatles?
JK: Elvis

TGW: What did you call your last artwork? What’s the story behind it?
JK: My new collection is called ‘Infinite Weight and Mass’, and is based on my confusion with life and death, and my constant heavy heart. The first work is called ‘Searching For You’, which is based on finding my idea of happiness and home.

TGW: What’s next for you?
JK: I am currently working on a series at my London studio for some group shows in London. I also have a shirt label releasing some of my designs and, general soul-searching.
as one
Images published with the permission of the artist.


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