Jodee Knowles Presents Process at Goodspace

Following her triumphant art residency in the UK with Roger O’Donnell, keyboardist for The Cure, Jodee Knowles has returned to Sydney for her much anticipated show, Process at Goodspace gallery in October. The show will see Knowles curate a series of her own works, as well as an impressive variety of multimedia collaborations, all exploring the theme of ‘process’.

Knowles will work with renowned international photographer Vara Gagjew, who has recently shot some of Australia’s most amazing music and street-art talent including Flume, Anthony Lister, Matt Corby and others. Over the past 3 months, the duo has attempted to capture the methods and madness essential to Knowles’ signature style, chronicling her turbulent artistic journey from conception to realization.


In addition to the morbidly beautiful black and white photography and original artworks, the exhibition will feature a 3-part video installation, directed by macabre urban-surrealist Stackhat. Constantly trying to escape his comfort zone, Stackhat recently took up a residency in LA where he produced music for Hollywood Heartthrob Jai Courtney and worked on wardrobe design for Flying Lotus’ latest film clip Coronus, The Terminator.

The concept and execution is raw and confronting. Embracing the dissonance of heavy and light, love and hate, life and death, and how each is essential to the other.

This is not your average Jodee Knowles exhibition; this is a unique and personal insight in to the darkest corners of an artist’s troubled mind.

Jodee’s next adventure will see her travel to Venice early in the new year for another art residency, hosted by Studio 281 Gallery.


Read The Garb Wire’s Q+A with Jodee Knowles, published in Feb this year.

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