Splendour In The Grass 2015

Tomorrow we travel to Brunswick Heads via Coolangatta, on a whirlwind trip to Splendour In The Grass. It will be my fifth Splendour, and this morning when I heard Blur’s ‘Charmless Man’ in the car, I nearly swerved off the road. All the people. So many people.

Splendour is definitely an investment, and not for the less experienced among us. Booking flights, accommodation and landing tickets is quite the orchestration, done frustratingly months in advance, and the timing of all three elements has to sync perfectly, lest you miss out on tickets and forfeit flights (blah).  If you are as wildly passionate about music as I am, the cost and production effort seems more than reasonable, especially when you consider that you are a parent to three loving, rowdy boys, and deserve to go wild in the forest at least once (or twice) a year, with some of your favourite people, by whatever means necessary.

Not only does this trip mark my fifth, but I get to take along my husband love, trusty style council @craigtinker, his hilarious partner and my sister Tania, who was too busy exploring T in The Park and the likes in Scotland for many years. Asides from some pretty major ‘this is your life’ musical highlights including Mark Ronson, Florence & The Machine, the Dandy Warhols and Blur, Splendour is amazing because it truly clashes fashion with music. Two of my favourite things. But really? is that news to you? Bring on the gold bar hi-jinx, I say. Yes, to private after parties.

Wardrobe Briefs.

No festival, or any event for that matter, would be complete without concise wardrobe briefs decreed to myself for myself, and anyone else who cares to join in. This year I have matched every outfit with my bottle green, lace up Hunters, bought especially for Splendour from Haight Ashbury in San Francisco. They are absolutely vital. The briefs are:

Friday – Uptown Special.

A love letter to Mark Ronson. And the funk. Amy Winehouse’s Valerie and sparkly sequins and drama. Stretchy fibres to dance in, and a hint of Boy George’s attitude to complete the look.

Saturday – Florence Welch Is My Style Icon.

70s. Flowy fabrics, faded denim flares, vintage prints and wild hair. Gucci Spring Summer 2016. Done.

Sunday – Rockers.

Dressing for some pretty major brit pop moments from the Dandy Warhols and Blur. Stripes, leopard print, black, blacker, tartan, checks, and masterful jewellery decisions to boot.

Fashions on the Splendour Field predictions:

  • Whatever Kendall Jenner wore to Coachella
  • Yawn
  • Denim cut offs Zzzzzz.
  • Rose headbands (AGAIN.)
  • Triangles
  • Gold
  • Horse head masks
  • Tiger jumpsuits
  • Dressing gowns/kimonos worn as open jackets
  • Flares
  • Too many hats! A sea of hats. Hats that will get lost and smooshed in the mud.
  • Coloured faux fur
  • Hair curlers as outerwear. Perhaps.
  • Gladiator sandals that do not at all mimic gumboots.

Daily Updates.

As a community service, The Garb Wire will report daily on the happenings at the festival via all the usual channels. Come people watching with us!

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