Out Now: Josh Pyke ‘But For All These Shrinking Hearts’

Having just released his long-awaited 5th studio album, ‘But For All These Shrinking Hearts’, Josh Pyke has had one hell of a year. It’s been a big one for the Australian singer songwriter, who in addition to putting the finishing touches to his new record, has been performing shows with the Sydney and West Australian Symphony Orchestras and also playing a string of sold out fans-first album dates.

Recorded in his home-studio with John Castle (Megan Washington, Vance Joy) at the helm, Pyke describes much of the new album as representing his relationship with creativity. Ever-grateful to his loyal fan base, he hopes they can give a ‘home’ to the record, by finding solace in the sad songs and joy in the happier tracks. Deeply appreciative of his fans support, Pyke considers it both a gift and an honour to have been able to explore the world as a musician for so long.

The Garb Wire caught up with Josh Pyke for a quick Q&A this week:

TGW: What is the single best thing about being able to make records from a home studio?

JP: Creative freedom is the best thing. Just being able to head down to the studio whenever I have the chance, whether it’s during the week or at night, if inspiration strikes. It takes the pressure off the creative process.

TGW: In addition to making music you’re also an active philanthropist and mentor, specifically via your Busking For Change events and JP Partnership initiative with APRA. How does it feel being in a position to help and guide those less experienced?

JP: I just think that passing on knowledge and encouragement is the right thing to do in a highly competitive industry. It’s good to support emerging artists. It’s good to encourage a vibrant creative culture in Australia and I feel extremely lucky to be in a position to do so.

TGW: Having played at such iconic festivals as Glastonbury and SXSW, describe the feeling when you first walk on stage.

JP: It’s always a rush!

“I love performing and that feeling of being half-elated and half-terrified (and 100% flying by the seat of your pants) is really addictive.”

TGW: What is your favourite White Album track and why?

JP: It has to be Blackbird. I played it every night when we did that White Album tour and it was a joy to perform.

TGW: What song lyrics have stayed with you?

JP: So many! One line that I often think of is in a song by Neutral Milk Hotel where the singer says “we lay and learned what each other’s bodies were for”. I just think that’s a beautiful way to describe young love.

TGW: You’ve been involved in some notable collaborations to date, including Urthboy, Mike Rosenberg, Tim Rogers and more recently, Dustin Tebbut. Is there anyone you’ve always dreamed of working with?

JP: I love the Shins – I’d love to write a song or produce a song with James Mercer from the Shins. I reckon he’s one of the best out there.

But For All These Shrinking Hearts is out now.

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