Stylist: Brooklyn’s Finest for Boney M Australia Tour

In October I welcomed the challenge to style Brooklyn’s Finest for their impending support slot on the Boney M Australia Tour.

The brief of course, was Elevated Disco (yes, we can always go higher). Given I’d never met the girls, I set out to gather as many looks as possible. I selected pieces from my own wardrobe with additions from some very chic, generous friends.

When Brooke and Emily arrived at my home, they unleashed a suitcase full of sequinned cloth. Over the afternoon we talked about disco and what it looks like. I wanted them to try actually stepping in to an era, rather than simply adding sequins to everything, instead trying faux fur, different textures and shapes.

The challenge:

Emily already owned this Balmain x H&M frock, which had a way of outshining anything that Brooke could pull together without assistance. They wanted to balance it out a little.

The answer:

I suggested they either try and use similar shades of bold green (see below my black and green sequin tee with feathered suspenders), but in a different shape to the Balmain frock, or refer to my favourite sari colour palette (other metallic, bright colours) to balance the boldness of that beautiful emerald green. We added a chunky lion choker to Emily’s Balmain x H&M look (stage looks need to be over exaggerated) and Brooke chose an 80s lurex frock in magenta from Hunter Gatherer Fitzroy. Though we did skip an era, the two singers appeared side by side on the Palais stage, as a cohesive style unit.

Dressing for the stage is so different to choosing what to wear on a night out with your peers. You are the centre of attention, and you need to be unapologetic about that.

ML Vintage

Melbourne style impresario Philip Boon is the co-keeper of an extensive Mary Lipshut archive called ML Vintage. He kindly offered to loan us some true 70s gold, which Brooke and Emily had loads of fun trying on. I believe it led to a new sunglasses purchase from Brooke (below), who enjoyed seeing herself completely Garb Wired.

Some of my favourite looks came from @ml_vintage in Melbourne, a treasure trove of never before worn fashion that is lost in time. A big thank you to Philip Boon, and also to Sam at Hunter Gatherer Fitzroy for the magenta dream dress. Cheers to Cassie Walker at Peachy Entertainment for the introduction and tickets to the Melbourne Boney M show. What a disco highlight of my life.

new garb wire logo LRG


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