Movement Sydney: 10 Things about Honey Dijon (NYC)

Honey Dijon is a New York DJ known for her instinctive style and brazen, versatile sounds. She dazzles on the world club circuit – from Berlin and London, to Paris and New York – and now Sydney – listen as Honey Dijon blurs music genres without looking to the past. Set to appear at MoVement Sydney‘s Super Open Air event at the Factory Theatre on Sunday 25th October, we caught up with her to ask just 10 things…


01 | What is your favourite part of Australia?

HD: Byron Bay. I went there many years ago and fell in love with the place. It’s very laid back with surfer, hippie vibes and the beach is absolutely incredible. I’m dying to go back!

02 | Do you have a stylist/team of stylists, or do you back your own style?

HD: I style myself mostly. I have a clear sense of who I am and what works on my body. I’ve been studying fashion for years and I have tons of friends that work in fashion that are very generous with me, so I honestly don’t feel the need to have a team.

“I like to think of it as friends collaborating. I’ll make a mix tape for a haircut or take a make up artist friend to an event I’m spinning at. That’s more fun for me. Working with friends.”


03 | Will you linger or disappear as soon as you walk off stage?

HD: It depends on where I am and what time of the day or night I’m playing. If I don’t have another gig, where I have to catch a flight the next day, I’ll stick around and have a couple of drinks with people, or if I have friends playing I’ll listen to them. It really depends, as every situation is different. I like my sleep, which I think is key to performing well when you travel as much as I do.

04 | Some people believe that happiness can stifle creativity, what’s your view?

HD: My view is that you can be inspired by anything when creating music. A lot of people like to write when there is sadness or disappointment in their lives, and good things can come out of that. Also, great music can come from joy and happiness, or falling in love or hearing a new band, or having a great night at a club. I think musical expression can be born just from the nature of being a part of the universe – living and breathing – the ups and downs of everyday.

05 | Elvis or The Beatles?

HD: Um, Blackbird is one of my favorite songs ever. So I’m gonna go with the Beatles on this one.

06 | What song lyrics have stayed with you? Name Track and Artist.

HD: So many, but if I had to choose one it would be Love Rain by Jill Scott. It’s about the excitement of meeting someone and falling in love… making yourself available and open and, once the other person has gotten what they wanted from you, they close the door. If you have ever experienced that, I’m sure you can relate.

“Wide open, wide loose
The mistake was made
Love slipped from my lips, my chin, and landed in his lap
And us became new, me non clairvoyant and in love me
Me the fool
You were never true
If you didn’t want me, ah, you should have let me know
All you was make a mockery of something so incredible and beautiful
I honestly in love

Love rain down on me, on me, down on me”

07 | Who do you have a style crush on right now?

HD: I’m inspired more by culture and social movements and art and books, than a person or fashion. Right now it’s the disco era of the 70’s, NYC 1983, Punk, Interview Magazine ( 70’s ), Robert Mapplethorpe and Malick Sidibe photographs, house music, lesbian chic, Renaissance paintings, Tibetan jewelry, Ettore Sottsass and the streets of Berlin.

08 | Who do you dream of working with?

HD: Musically speaking, it would be Grace Jones, Sade, FGTH, Trevor Horn, Green Velvet, Chez Damier, and Mr G. Visually, it would be Keith Haring, Inez and Vinoodh, Steven Meisel, Robert Mapplethorpe, and Keith Haring. Some of these artists are no longer with us, but it’s my dream world.

09 | What are your essentials for festival performances?

HD: Just me and my music and a shot of tequila or a negroni just to get me lubricated!

10 | Who is your favourite designer to wear on stage?

HD: Byredo La Tulipe parfum.


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