ACMI: Melbourne Music Week

To celebrate Melbourne Music Week (MMW), the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) has partnered with MMW to present two immersive experiences that will bring live music and film and together this November.


Thursday 19 November: Deep Leads

Deep Leads (Unclassified 18+) is a special evening of song and vision performed by The Orbweavers in collaboration with artist Lucy Dyson. The material draws on stories from Melbourne’s natural and industrial history, exploring themes of mining, botany, poisons, working life and folklore through historic footage from the ACMI archives, Lucy Dyson’s technicolour animations, and imagery by The Orbweavers.

Friday 20 November: Success

ACMI_Liam Finn (1)_300dpi

Conceived for Melbourne Music Week, Success is a new work featuring original compositions and improvised pieces by New Zealand-born musician and songwriter Liam Finn, alongside a filmic collaboration with New York directors Anthony & Alex.

Finn will present a series of vignettes and performance pieces tackling the notion of success, its subjectivity and the struggle between insecurity and arrogance that ensues in its pursuit.

Alex and Anthony describe Success as

“[Success is] …an experimental meditation on the human and technological ideology of success.”


Direct from New York, Liam Finn will perform his new songs as he maniacally jumps between instruments and triggering cassette tape loops to keep up with the unpredictable visuals.

Deep Leads and Success will take place at ACMI on Thursday 19 November and Friday 20 November 2015 in association with Melbourne Music Week. For more information, please visit ACMI’s website. 

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