The Sticks Debut Album Out Now

The Sticks self-titled debut album is excellent. It’s perfect to play when you long to get lost in your productivity.

Each track sounds like the workings of the brain, the buzz of inspiration, electric idea cells sparking, blood racing through your veins and pulsating around your heart.

It’s a perfect environmental soundtrack that doesn’t impede on your thinking. Industry. Doing. Accomplishment. After a while it does put me in a strange frame of mind. But my, what wonderful work I’ve achieved in that time. Entranced.

Meet The Sticks

The Sticks music making revolves around the AirSticks, new gestural electronic drumkit invented by Alon Ilsar, and their general penchant for innovation. In November 2014, Ilsar invited close friends and long-time musical collaborators Daniel Pliner (synths) and Josh Ahearn (electric bass) to perform improvised electronic music once a week in a small Redfern bar.

As the event grew, The Sticks, alongside a rotating lineup of special guests began to push the boundaries of electronic music, capturing the sound and spirit of post-produced beats whilst improvising. Their new album, written, performed and recorded over a week in the Blue Mountains near Sydney in early 2015, is a marriage of instrumental skill and technological innovation drawn from a wide range of influences, from complex IDM to 8-bit video game soundtracks.

Shop Shop:

The Sticks is available to purchase now digitally via iTunes and Google Play. 200 copies of limited edition vinyl are available to purchase now via The Sticks Bandcamp.

Watch ‘Side Step’ here:

The Side Step video captures perfectly the band’s live manipulated sonic-visual experience which they will be taking to Melbourne on Sunday 6 December and Sydney on Thursday 28 January.
Catch The Sticks Audio- Visual Spectacular LIVE:

  • Thursday 3 December – Freda’s, Sydney
  • Sunday 6 December – Lebowski’s, Melbourne
  • Thursday 28 January – Red Rattler, Sydney

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