The Glam Wire: Supermodel Hair

I celebrated a milestone birthday last year. I’ve also had three children. One of the challenges that can come from both factors is a loss of gloss in the mane (or hair, in plain English). There are however, some ways you can restore your tresses to their former (however imagined) supermodel  glory at home;



Upgrade your Equipment: The ETI Blowdryer

In a poor lapse of judgement, the time between my last hair dryer and next one became way too long – to the point where drying naturally left me looking like a frazzled desert island dweller. My hairdresser Ginger recommended the ETI blowdryer, because it’s made in Italy and really powerful, but also because aesthetically it pleases. They have a 60s  shape and pop colours – so at her word, I ordered this contraption on eBay in baby pink, so very Bardot. I also had to find a UK power adapter (for Australia).

It has changed my life. The force is so hard that the bathroom plants and toilet paper sway in the breeze, while I’m working my magic. I have never looked so forward to washing and drying my hair, because now I feel as though I’ve been let in on some magical exclusive hair society, to which I was never privy before. And I am by no means a constant preener. Who has the time?

There is one set back, sadly it reduces the need to visit Ginger the excellent hairdresser, which naturally results in less Prosecco-style chatter.

MO Treatment 25ml

Treat your Hair: Moroccanoil

Moroccanoil is a luxuriantly earthy argan oil-infused product. It’s not overly oily to the touch, but it can be a little heavy on finer hair. Use “half-a-pump” and apply only to the ends of damp hair to condition, before styling and finishing. Made from antioxidant-rich argan oil, strengthening proteins and shine boosting vitamin. The mop of unruly hair will be a distant memory, and the light, natural scent is heavenly.


Virgin Hair Wrap

Add Reinforcements: 100% Virgin European Hair Wraps

Sometimes you need a quick boost after getting that Mom bob that Jessica Alba convinced you was on trend, or the chop that occurred after the slight identity crisis you had after birthing your last child. Hair donuts are a cheap solution, but if you have finer hair, they don’t work. Besides, we’re still scarred from seeing too many flight attendants with low-slung, tightly hairsprayed donut buns.

In this instance 100% virgin hair refers to what these wraps are made from – human hair that has never debuted on the world stage, as a wrap. Each European hair wrap is handcrafted to blend instantly with your existing hair to add volume and definition. Make sure to match the colour to your natural shade or highlights. A Top Deck style top knot could never be chic, or socially accepted.

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