VAMFF Discovery Runway: Pre-5 with Banoffee

Melbourne musician Banoffee and independent fashion label Pageant are excited to launch their collaborative collection exclusively at the Discovery Runway for VAMFF in Melbourne tonight .


Ahead of the show, we asked Banoffee how she’s feeling about her fashion debut with Pageant. The short answer? Nervous. We also learned that her style inspiration comes from Bob the Builder, Lego, scientists, baseball players, kick boxers and the whole crew of Avatar: The Last Airbender, which should make for an interesting start on the runway.


‘Music is normal for me, but fashion – this is a whole new ball park and I’m the baby in this field.’


1/ What has the lead time been for your runway show on Thursday night with Pageant?

It has been a long time coming, we have been working on the idea of a collaboration for nearly two years, but only in the last year have we really put pen to paper and made it happen.

The process entailed a lot of long, animated discussions about why I enjoyed Pageant clothing and why they enjoyed Banoffee music.

‘We wanted to find common ground in our creative processes and express that on the body. A lot of our ideas in common centre around the intertwining of softness and toughness. Fun, attitude and love all at once.’


2/ The collaboration is described as being ‘borne of a long-time mutual admiration and recognition of similarities in your artistic approaches’. How did the collaboration actually start to roll? 

First off I wore something of Pageants on stage…they saw it and contacted me about beginning these discussions. We became friends very quickly, as we have very similar attitudes towards our practices, and related to each other easily.


3/ What sort of brief were you given, if any? 

Absolutely no brief, expect for making something that I would want to wear. Together we came up with a collection that is a little bit of all of us.

4/ Your debut collection with Pageant is running alongside Melbourne greats like  ASSKPAICaves CollectSisterArticle by Courtney HolmAMXANDER and Lois Hazel. Are you nervous?

Of course I’m nervous!  I respect and admire all of the other designers that are a part of this runway and I feel very privileged to work alongside them.  I know Pai, Sister and Assk – but I am a distant fan of all of them.

‘Politically Australia may be fucked – but we have a lot to be proud of in the fashion world, that’s for sure.’


5/ What can we look forward to most on Thursday for your show with Pageant?

Something that’s a first time – I think first times always have a special extra bite that nothing that follows can replicate. I’m excited to have people around to share this with Pageant and myself.

‘With lyrical influence and style names taken from my EP, these clothes don’t apologise for their loudness or personality, but still aim to be inclusive and practical. My favourite piece in the collection is called ‘I’m Not Sorry’.



Tonight, Banoffee’s unique sense of style will collide with Pageant’s signature sportswear-influenced designs to celebrate individuality and a mutual admiration society, for the win.

The Discovery Runway and Party Presented by i-D at VAMFF. 

Tonight, Thursday 10 March at 8PM.
The runway will also feature labels: ASSKPAICaves CollectSisterArticle by Courtney HolmAMXANDER and Lois Hazel

Tickets available here.


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