The Glam Wire: Endless Summer Nights

Add these ingredients to your party pick up and leave a lasting impression wherever you go. Outshine those party lights. You know you want to.



Show Stopping Scent: Marc Jacobs Decadence

Marc Jacobs Decadence promises to be ‘impulsively luxurious’, though we also see it as an endearing personality trait. ‘Oh, she’s wildly decadent and impulsively luxurious.’

Decadence was developed with master perfumer Annie Buzantian, and has top notes of Italian plum, iris and saffron, heart notes of Bulgarian rose, jasmine sambac and Orris with base notes of liquid amber, vetiver and papyrus woods. Exotic and sultry is she.

The bottle itself is inspired by one of Marc’s most iconic hand bags. Sophisticated indulgence. It’s a theme to live by, really.


Bright Eyes: 1000 Hour Lashes

by Tania Ogier

Traditionally I have shied away from anything that mixes hair and glue, as it’s almost guaranteed to end badly.  However, I am also a sucker for packaging, and I’d be darned if I wasn’t going to give my all to look like the sultry damsel pictured on the front of these.  1000 Hour Natural Lashes prove that fine, stick-straight eyelid hairs (such as my own) can be transformed into fluttery, come-hither lengths, quicker than you can say ‘hello sailor’.  And with names such as Exotic Raven, Peek-a-Boo and Envious Black, they turn making up into an event.

I had the pleasure of trying the more natural set of lashes, which were still lush and lengthy but without any crosshatch effects or diamante nonsense (sadly, my RuPaul days are over).  Before starting the process, make sure you have tweezers and a cotton bud on hand to help with application.  You need a very steady hand and your eyes should relax into their natural shape when closed (do not squint).  Carefully peel away the lashes from the plastic using your tweezers, then trim slightly with nail scissors to fit if necessary.  Open the small tube of adhesive as delicately as you can and use the tiny applicator to dot glue to the base of the falsies.  Finally, give it your best aim and press lashes down onto the bottom/centre of the eyelid first, as close to the natural join as possible.  Keep your finger there whilst using your other hand (and the cotton bud) to lightly press down on either side until the lashes stay down (about 30 seconds).  Your eyes should then look as if you’ve just spent an hour applying mascara and liquid eyeliner.  Just like that.  And the good news is that 1000 Hour lashes last around 3 days – or should do if you cleanse and shower ve-reee carefully.

Glam Wire Tip:  Turn 1000 Hour into 2000 Hour – trim lashes in half and get two applications, using on outer lashes only.


Arden Sailor Girl

High Gloss Nails: Sailor Girl by Elizabeth Arden

Elizabeth Arden released two trend colours for summer, inspired by maritime hues. Like I always say (like, all the time), we’re not here for a maritime, but here for a good time. Paint your nails to glossy perfection, applying at least two coats. No top coat required. Me? I also take my own colour to the salon. Team with coral lips, and you’re ready to board a yacht (or expertly saunter the marina).

Vixen War Paint

Party Hair: Vixen War Paints

by Tania Ogier

Vixen’s punchy semi-permanent hair paints are ammonia free and contain vitamin B5 to strengthen hair, along with the gloss-giving prowess of hydrolytic keratin.

Obviously the lighter your hair shade to begin with the more intense the colour result will be; I knew this going in as a brunette.  I was also sure that the ingredients alone would at least give my locks some much-needed condition and shine, with maybe a hint of colour at the ends and crown.

Our particular shade on test was the interestingly named ‘Violent Crumble’ – think a deep, dark, Cadbury purple.  The tube packaging makes it a cinch to apply, and you should do this to clean, towel-dried hair.  But, for the love of god, please use gloves and have damp cotton wool nearby in case of staining (remember it dilutes to pink – not a good look on the skin two days later).  Ensure the product is carefully and evenly distributed, especially if your hair is anything but black.  Use a wide-tooth comb or brush to spread if you must – colour can catch in the funniest of places if you’re not careful.  Then simply pop a shower cap on and leave to process for between 15 – 30 minutes.  I did the 30 minutes, if not for a colour explosion then at the very least for the maximum dose of keratin.  Once your time is up, jump back in the shower and rinse until the water runs clear (try not to get freaked out by the colour of the water at first).  Then dry and style as normal.

Although this didn’t give me a strong colour, it did give the slightest plum tint and made my natural colour slightly darker and more even, which I liked.  And no surprise, it shone like glass!

Glam Wire Tip:  If the pastel trend is still doing it for you, mix this with silver toner to get the lilac look.


Pictured at top: Toilet Paper X Seletto Wears Lipstick Tray.

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